Casa Milà - Antoni Gaudí

So Casa Milà was the "flat" or high-class residence built right after Casa Batlló, down the street, in 1912.

Casa MilÃ

casa mila

Obviously when the building was built halfway, the fact that it was taller than average buildings, "oddly" shaped and had a lot of the religious symbols (Antoni Gaudí was a strong devotee of the Virgin Mary, a.k.a. immaculate conception), it created a helluva controversy that almost ceased the project.

However, wtih the advise of a priest, Gaudí removed most of the symbols and finished the project as promised.

inside Casa MilÃ
The Atrium

Many of the building designs around the world have been inspired by Casa Milà, wiki it up, you'll find the relevant buildings.


Rather than to be a typical residential flat, Gaudí wanted the residences to mingle and socialise so he also built lifts in between storeys so people have to walk up/down in order to leave or enter their apartments.

What I found fascinating was the extend that wealth could buy even back in those "difficult" days. Simple facilities we took for granted today such as indoor water plumbing was only readily available in urban areas in the early 1900s; and definitely only afforded by well-offs.

master toilet
yes, heated water was already available

Other contraptions like telephones were still fairly new technology of 30-40 years old.


All that and incorporating Gaudí's own modernist designs on furnitures, the residence would have been a wealthy's dream home back in the days.

unbrella holder
coat and hat hanger + umbrella holder + vain mirror stand

Alright, enough lecturing now. I'm so easily enchanted by the history of Europe I lost myself in it forgetting how boring I sound at times. Pardon me.

I'll let you enjoy the rest of Casa Milà on your own now.

living room

second living room

nanny's room?

shared toilet

old record player
old record player *love*


book case in office

chandelier in Casa MilÃ
exquisite chandelier

centre chandelier

view to the city below

kitchen sitting table

maid kicthen
maid's pantry area (or just kitchen)

maid's room
maid's room

children's room
children's room

early 1900s toys

kids clothings
wealthy businessman's children clothes

doll houses
rich kids' doll houses

children photos
I wonder whose kids are these

Massive apartment isn't it?

We would have called that a suite for today's standard of condominium's living. Or a penthouse.

Let's move to the attic when you learn a little bit about the concept behind Gaudí's designs.

arch attic

No don't worry. I'm not going to do more lecturing. Just post the rest of the photos and let you understand on your own.

casa mila attic


casa mila model

cross section of casa mila
see the lifts and the walking part?

casa mila close up model

here comes the core of the attic design

arch ceilings

ideas of structure
how Gaudí form the bone structure for some of his buildings (bottom is a mirror)

into reality
and this was how he realised the structure

arch structure

A lot of his designs were also based on nature and animal bones.

structure of centipede

structure of nature
remember the coat hanger?

Oh, I have to show you this. It's my favourite!

door handle
The door handle. Nothing fancy?

Well it fits your hand like .. like... fabric..

fitting door handle

It feels totally awesome!!! I haven't seen anything quite remotely so fitting in my life (a door handle I mean).

And this door bell.

door bell

Comes with a sliding peep-door.

peep door

Simply brilliant! Since peep hole didn't exist back then, this was as ingenius as they come.

double chair
twin chair - it's meant to fit your body quite comfortably when you sit on it. I found it alright, perhaps they never had anything as comfortable a century ago. I'm not familiar with chairs of the 1900s so I shall keep my peace.

Finally, the roof top of Casa Milà.

casa mila rooftop

casa mila rooftop overview

ventilation tower
fancy looking ventilation tower

casa mila rooftop 2

me on top of casa mila
me!!! Been a long time aye?

casa mila rooftop 3
view down the atrium

casa mila rooftop 4
another view down the atrium

casa mila rooftop 5
and another, I love my wide angle lens

casa mila rooftop view
view of the city

sagrada familia in the distance

Can you see Sagrada Familia in the distance (down the road actually)?

Well wait for the next post! We're going there!

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  5. Thank you. You should definitely visit this place one day, it's amazing.