Musical Fountain Performance

I was intending to skip this post altogether but then again, what the hell, I did take the time to take all these photos throughout the performance, and it did look pretty neat.

So I sat down last night and started editing these photos, all 30 of them.


A Musical Fountain Performance in front of the National Museum in Barcelona, starting from 8pm everyday for half an hour, and comes on every hour after that.

fountain 1

fountain 2

fountain 3

fountain 4

fountain 5

fountain 6

fountain 7

fountain 8

fountain 9

fountain 10

fountain 11

fountain 12
The photo didn't do this justice but the water was so till really really really high!!!

fountain 13
please view larger file here for better visual result.

fountain 14

fountain 15
I had to zoom out for this cause the water around it was shot at a great height, the pressure was so great!

fountain 16

fountain 17

fountain 18
Please view larger file here for betterx2 visual result.

fountain 19

fountain 20

fountain 21

fountain 22

fountain 23
Please view larger file here for super effect!

fountain 24

fountain 25

fountain 26
this is like a mist cloud, I wanted to run through it and dance around.

fountain 27

fountain 28

fountain 29

And.... The End!!!

My hands were so tired I stopped for the final 10 minutes of the performance and enjoyed the show myself. LOL.

That's all folks!

Here's one more photo for the road.

Night view of National Museum.
national museum at night


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow...and there was music?? Nice... I didn't know that when I was there :/

  2. ooh beautifully captured!!

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