HK Disneyland – 5th Anniversary Celebration

Yay I went to Disneyland. Again! Woot!

in front of hk disneyland

This time staying at the awesome Disney’s Hollywood Hotel in HK Disneyland, which was a first.

hollywood hotel room

classic silver screen mickey and minnie

There are two hotels at HK Disneyland, the other is the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, which was the better hotel. Too bad they were full when we went there but Disney’s Hollywood hotel was kinda nice too.

We took a taxi straight from the airport, which wasn’t too expensive (RM40 one way) since ringgit is stronger against hk dollars now.

Chucked our bags at the hotel and went straight to the park (after lunch).

entering hkdl

These are our tickets.

disney tickets
That’s a total of RM600 worth of park tickets in my hands. O.O

fast pass cards
FastPasses! Allow us to skip most of the queues at popular rides: Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, Space Mountain.

It was a special trip because it was HK Disneyland’s 5th Anniversary year! And they had this special floating parade in the afternoon (3:30pm). Check here for scheduled timing.

sleepy eyes
Sat at the street side under hot sun and waited. *HOT*

ushering little girl
“little girl, shoo back to your mommy, pls.”

Then I got tired of waiting, and it was too hot, so I went into one of the stores on the US Main Street to look-see at some Disney souvenirs to buy.

minnie hat
Minnie on my head!

magic hat
The Wizard Mickey’s hat - went back next day to get this. ;p
It sparkles at night too!

We went out and sat by the street again and waited for the parade to start, wait waitwait, not yet start, so we went into the shop again, wtf.

Then we came out after hearing some music started playing and then waited for another 15 minutes before the parade actually started. FML.

dumbo float
Dumbo! The guy pushing the floating “cart?” looked so happy, even in that thick costume under the steamy weather. I wonder if his smile was plastered on in the “smile factory”.

I like Goofy, he’s funny.

Minnie! My favourite character of ALL TIME! *many hearts*

And the star of all time - Mickey!!!!!!! I always get very excited when I see him, dono why.

donald duck
Donald – who always looked so angry about something.


cheery cheerleader

winnie the pooh
Winnie the Pooh!

step sister
Step-sister… of… guess who?

Cinderella! Of course.

A very big Timon.

green soldier
Hut huthut! Soldier!

tinker bell
The star of the show! Tinker Bell!!!! Yes the 5thAnniversay theme is Tinker Bell!

Finally the smallest Sleeping Beauty castle!
Which has been turned to Tinkerbell Castle in conjunction with the 5th Anniversary Celebration.

me in front of sleeping beauty castle
I blogged about this before.

Later I went on a Jungle River Cruise and met Peter Chao! (you know the Hong Kong youtube celebrity that speaks weird funny HK-English on purpose)

peter chao tour guide
Peter Chao imitation

This tour guide was so funny, he talked exactly like Peter Chao during the whole cruise. Even his humour was super funny. The Indians on the same boat as us weren’t laughing though, I think HK humour was a bit hard to catch for Indians.

*In deep HK accent* “If you like the cruise, thank you for taking the jungle river cruise: if you don’t like it, thank you for leaving.” LOL

Spotted elephants duringthe Jungle River Cruise!

*End Cruise*

*drum drum drum*

Went to the Pixie Hollow to look for Tinker Bell but she was out spreading her pixie dust and wasn’t in. :(

pixie hollow

But I found some little fairies hanging around on mushroom tops.


Met Merlin from “Sword in the Stone”.


You remember the cartoon right? This was a cartoon waayyyyy back in 1963. OMG Malaysia Independence year, wtf.


It took me a while to register who the character was, cause at first I thought he looked a lot like Dumbledore. Lol

merlin 2
(Hohoho… wait that’s Santa Claus)

We spent a lot of time watching shows on our first day at the park.

Some of the must-see shows were:

philhar magic

Mickey’s PhillharMagic! Super nice 4D movie where you would feel like you’re flying with Aladdin in the sky! Wooo~~! LOVE that feeling.

cinema inside

If you visit HK Disneyland, must mustmustwatch this ok?


The other must-watch would be the Golden Mickey, specially choreographed for the 5thAnniversay occasion.

golden mickey

You have to queue early for this show and it has got to be one of the best shows in Disneyland. By real performers! And real skills!

cowboy dance
The girl was the host, she got real big boobs *teehee*

beauty and the beast
Beauty and the beast!

golden mickey finale
The finale! Click to see bigger photo.

Our final ride of the day was “It’s a small world”, which was pretty signature for all my visits in Disneyland.

it's a small world

it's a small world building

it's a small world cruise

Finally we ended our first day watching the TinkerbellCastle Illumination (which was put on in celebration of the 5th Anniversary Celebration).

tinkerbell illumination

It’s like a two-minute show. WTF.But quite nice la. Then we sat for another half an hour for the fireworks at 830pm.

I have a full video of it but I can’t upload it because god help me I was seated in front of four really loud and rude Hong Kong kids who couldn’t stop shouting and criticising the fireworks. The whole recording was spoiled by them. -.-

“Hey kids! Shut up! It’s called music choreography. Not all fireworks have to be all BIG and FANCY ALL THE DAMN TIME!

Next up!

Disney Characters Food!

mickey dessert

Nom nom nom~~…


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Winnie the Pooh!! Who cares about Minnie/Mickey and the gang...this fat bear is enough for me :D

    Cinderella's stepsister looks really cute, by the way...prettier than the Cinderella.

    And that photo at the the jam supposed to be a bone?

  2. nice camera.. eh.. photographer. lol.
    I was there last month. This year end will go to Orlando, DC and NC. yippee...

  3. i am going there again :)

  4. sorry to say:
    i envy + jeles!! :-)

  5. It's always magical when one enters Disneyland. Wish to go there again when the Toy Story Land opens.

  6. Very awesome I wanna go too!!!

  7. Looks Awesome!!! Can't wait for the next update on the food!! :D

  8. Rides in HK disneyland aint that nice. But totally agree that shows must watch!