Judith Leiber Crystal Sunglasses

My parcel has arrived!!!!!

I have been waiting by the window like a puppy since last Wednesday (actually hanging by the computer refreshing the tracking system every two hours) and finally, yesterday, the maid brought in what was to be the happiest purchase in my life.

judith leiber

My very own Judith Leiber Crystal-embellished Sunglasses!!!

judith leiber sunglasses

This pair is soooo gorgeous I can die.

What do you mean you've never heard of Judith Leiber?
So it's not European brand and it's not really heard of in this country, doesn't mean it's not famous?!

Remember the scene in movie Sex and the City 2 where Charlotte's daugther, Lily, picked up Carrie's phone from Big and then hid it in the bling-bling cupcake purse and then Big got cold feet and didn't show up at the wedding?

YES that is the Judith Leiber famous/infamous crystal-embellished cupcake clutch.

And it cost a blooming RM16,570 on Net-a-Porter.

Even Katy Perry swears by it during her appearance at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Back to my lovely Judith Leibery sunnies. These babies might not cost RM16k and I did get it cheaper from the retail price of $885 (USD) but it's bought from every single blood sweat money of mine.

leiber sunnies

So I'm loving it like MAD!!

Look at the beautiful crystal-blinged frame at the side.

leiber sunnies side profile

crystal frame
taken during the day

There's even a crystal at the tip of the temple frame.

crystal tip


Ok that's all, bye.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Justin Bieber quite famous wert. lol

  2. Put on the glasses n let us see your gorgeous look with it.