Casa Batlló - Antoni Gaudí

If you're into history and architecture, then visiting Barcelona would meant visiting the works of Antoni Gaudí.

A prominent Spanish Catalan architect that raved through Barcelona during his lifetime from the late 1800s till his death at 1926. Much of it out of controversy due to his modernism perspective that was difficult to swallow in those times; and much of it out of adoration today.

He was so great, seven of his works were classified UNESCO World Heritage Sites; many even named him the God's Architect, during and after his time.

During my visit to Barcelona, I've visited a total of four of his great works. And decided to split all of them into individual post instead of posting them altogether in one.

It would one too many to absord if so.

casa batllo

Casa Batlló was a house renovated in the early 1900s by Gaudí and his assistant for a middle-class family. Keep in mind that in Europe, middle-classes were rather wealthy people, just not of aristocracy or landed gentry. Hence you'll find the residential house situated in a populous district of Barcelona, even back in the days.

casa batllo barcelona

The first impression of this house was that the design's focus was to stay out of straight line. The whole building was curvy, and inspired heavily by bone structure of animals.

casa batllo map
as you can see in building layout

My aim in all of these four posts (including this one) is not to lecture, but to allow you to enjoy the works of Antoni Gaudí in his time (a whole century ago) through some of my photos. You'll be surprised at the modernism in his designs.

curvy windows

But first, I would have to pay 16.50 euro for the entrance fee.

entrance fee to casa batllo
sigh, gone were my student days.




sitting place
fire place and sitting "chamber"


ceiling encircling the centre light.

living room

window to barcelona streets

beautiful chandelier
my favourite chandelier in the building

casa batllo toilet
while most household sinks still used typical oval/round shaped sinks, Gaudí has evolved into our time.

lift view up
lift view in the house

roof top door
door to backyard-roof

weird ceiling

backview of casa batllo
view of Casa Batlló from the back (semi-roof)

stone wall
stone wall

lift - heading up again

spinal_like ceiling
spinal-like top floor

light slit
light, through the "slit" of the ceiling. I would love to have this design for my house lighting next time.

rooftop, chimneys or ventilation towers

chimneys of casa batllo

rooftop stone wall
mosaic broken ceramic tiles

spinal wall
reminds me of a chinese dragon's back


back view
not a very pretty neighbourhood

taking photo with chimneys


me and tower

view down casa batllo
lift back down

I left my signature in the guestbook before I left.

my signature
It's true. Especially the sitting chamber, the nature design reminds me a lot of that Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam.

And that's the end of Casa Batlló.

casa batllo overview

I hope you enjoyed your tour.

(Next - a high-end condo of the 1900s by Antoni Gaudí)

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3 kissed Nicole

  1. You took some lovely photos there!! SO lucky that you get to visit these wonderful places!! Must have had sore arms at the end of the day ~ :) :)

  2. Nice shots! Those buildings and the designs are so amazing. I wish I could witness with my own eyes. Thanks for sharing this. ^^

  3. That's amazing! But it seems slightly expensive for the entrance fees though. Still worth it..