Great Singapore Sales Haul and Odbo

Oh nothing much, just a little something something I picked up during an extremely short trip I made to Singapore recently.

And sadder the fact that I bought these items at their full retail price because they were newly arrived items.

*Ha ha. Why bother with GSS*

So my target shopping outlet was Cotton On. Why? Seeing the fact that we have our own Cotton On in Malaysia. Well I walked past the shop and saw something I liked so I decided to spend some time the next day to try out that dress.

I ended up buying three other pieces that was NOT that dress. -.-

I got a playsuit, or romper, which you've seen me wear before in my previous post.


The other two were sundresses, one of floral print and the other of leopard *rawr*.

Different print for different mood. ^^

sun dresses

Particularly loved the Country Rose print. It looked so feminine on me. Not a look I carry often, but I'm exploring.

country rose

Then also while in Singapore I met up with a friend, Jeremy, whose wife Joyce helped me buy three boxes of Odbo Wrinkletox from Korea!!

the odbo

Thank you Joyce! and Jeremy! (smaller in font coz role less significant, lol. jk)

Anyway I heard a lot about these Odbo Wrinkletox purchasable only from Korea, and only from certain branches of Faceshop. It's like botox, but external application directly onto your wrinkle.

And your wrinkles would significantly diminish for like a couple of years.

Some blogshops in Singapore are selling them for $120 (SGD) which I personally think isn't too bad if you aren't travelling to Korea anytime soon.

I sold one box off cause the treatment required was two boxes, according to most people's feedback online (though sales lady told Joyce that three boxes were optimal, ai ya anything to make extra sales, or so I strongly believe because I can't afford three boxes all for myself).

odbo wrinkletox

I haven't started using them. Mainly because I've been lazy.

And I've also been shopping.

*must stop shopping*

The two sundresses are still in their Cotton On paper bag on the table, together with another fresh bag of Gap cardigans. All side by side with my expensive Wrinkletox - the all time solution to wrinkle-free life. Hahaha! At least I hope. :p

odbo wrinkletox serum

Anyway, will let you know how it turns out when I finally make the effort to unwrap them and start my treatment.


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