My Very Expensive Spa in Bangkok

So shortly I left Manado, I moved to Thailand.

Living in Thailand was nothing like traveling in Thailand. There were less adventures involved, less people to meet and less excitement every day as compared to when you're always on the go.

But one thing I did like, besides the constant shopping, was being able to go for my weekly, or even daily, spa/massage whenever I feel like.


Now many have asked me (as a temporary citizen of Bangkok) where can they find the best spa in town. I've been to alot of cheap spa, few rather pricey ones.

But when it comes down to exclusivity and best service (noticed I didn't say technique, the best technique I found was in Hua Hin though), I would recommend Oasis Spa Bangkok.

Oasis spa

Richard from TAT brought me and some of the travel agents there for a visit.

Richard and his pda

And to enjoy some spa moment. :D

The architecture of the place was carefully thought out and expensively designed. Very classy in my opinion.

oasis spa bangkok

Feng Shui, location and details of the place were immaculate.

wooden doors

Even the decorations were really pleasant.


We decided to go for the most expensive spa treatment in the house- King of Oasis.
Bloody massage was priced at RM400 for 2 hours.

price list

But like its name, you will be treated like a King.

First you will be brought into a room like this.

king oasis room

There were two beds in the room, I guess it's meant for couples on their honeymoon. But since it's only me, I have the whole room to myself.

I was given a beauty kit to change for the my massage.

beauty kit

King of Oasis is actually a 2 hour oil massage. So technically, I have to strip naked and put on this disposable G-string given in the beauty kit.

disposable g string

If you like, you can even go into their fancy toilet attached to the room to shower, finish big business, etc, before the massage.



After a quick rinse, I returned to the room wearing their comfy slippers and robe.


My personal masseuse, like sensing my presence from afar, walked in just in time with a pot of warm massage oil and set it nicely on the bed.

massuer preparing massage oil

She then proceeded to put an empty bowl on the floor, pour some water in with lime, and proceeded to ask me to sit down and enjoy a relaxing foot spa/massage.

feet in lime water

I was in ecstasy. Really, after so much walking for the past few months, I was in dire need of good pampering for my poor two feet.

After wiping dry my feet, she asked me to drop my robe and lie on the bed. I did as she told.

me wrapped in towel
Not that daring yet, still need my towel on.

Then she asked me to put on a shower cap like so.

my head

And then place my face against the hole on top of the bed, like this.

my head through the massage head rest

And this was what I saw through the head placement hole.

orchid and pandan water

I don't know why it's there. Maybe they thought the aroma from the bowl of pandan and orchid water would ease my relaxation, but honestly, lying my head though the hole face down was kinda giving me a headache. It's like hanging yourself upside down, blood flow just didn't feel right.

But then the magic happened.

She started drizzling hot warm oil on the back of my body and started spreading it out evenly. Suddenly my whole body felt tingly and belonged. I believed on other occasion, some would refer this sensation to love, only it's more physical.

massage oil

Every single touch from her fingers was song to my body. I was in heaven, no, I was in sanctuary.

It was sheer bliss, I just wanted her to smear warm massage oil onto my body forever.

She worked from my shoulder, neck, down to my waist, and, this is a bit awakening, my buttocks. Both of the cheeks. I could feel that she was squeezing and grabbing them as I laid there motionless. o.O

Well.... I mean..... it was kinda nice.

Anyway... *cough*

She moved on to use the hot herbal compress ball on my back, pressing it with the right pressure with the right length of time, so it's never left too long on my body to feel too much heat.

getting a massage

Within less than 3o mins, I was swept into La-la Land.

Now this is the problem with really good oil massage. People always falls asleep during oil massage, because it's so relaxing and nice that it's impossible even to stay awake. It sucks in a way that you can never really "enjoy" the whole procedure and you're paying a full fee just to be swooned to never ever land after the first half an hour.

Well, until they asked you to flip over anyway.

Btw, I was way awake when she started massaging my upper chest, an area extremely close to my...erm... chest. o.O

Two hours flew by in a glimpse, soon I have to walked back to the bathroom, changed and walked out back to the lounge reluctantly,


only to find the others waiting in the lounge, a look of after-orgasm expression on their faces, zonking out on the sofa.

I guess that's what oil massages do to you.

oasis bangkok exterior

Ermm... I might have dreamt of leprechauns.


16 kissed Nicole

  1. Daaamn, the text you typed combined with the pictures and the whole atmosphere of the entire place, all together, seems HOT. I really want to go.

  2. nice place,where is this in bangkok?

  3. Pergh!! 400 ringie!! Lucky I don't like massages. I am still young and strong..

  4. The cover of that head placement looks like granny

  5. Oo la la~ Seems that you are the King for that day in Oasis...

    Is there men g-strings? O.o I prefer brief... If not, I may have to expose my 'basket'...

    He He He~

  6. I think we call that "hot herbal compress ball" in Malay is : Tungku

  7. wow, that is expensive! But I guess you get what you paid for :-)

  8. Why leprechauns??...They are handsome meh...(o_0)"

  9. Damn, I want a massage right now...

  10. [only to find the others waiting in the lounge, a look of after-orgasm expression on their faces, zonking out on the sofa.

    I guess that's what oil massages do to you.]

    so they really did had an orgasm

  11. someone's bare naked in the herbal photo... yikes! :p

  12. I have tried to take photos in Bangkok spas in treatment room but usually management do not allow. Would I need to ask permission in this spa or don't they care?
    Or were you given special access?

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    Not so expensive and i think the service will be the same or even better