The New Voodoo Dolls

A few years back, Voodoo dolls were a trend of the accessories.


They were everywhere and everything. As key chains, phone hangers, accessories for bags and pins, they were even earrings (I know because I have a pair at home :p).

Then like every trend in this world, it faded and died.

When I was travelling through Hua Hin, I came across this stall.

Is this a new trend of the Voodoo Dolls?

wooden dolls

Meet Wooden Voodoo Dolls.

The Frankenstein


The Witch

wooden voodoo doll

The Ripper


The Ninja


The Punk

punk doll

And even the

Witch Doctors!

witch doctors

In a weird twisted way, they are awefully cute.

Is this an upcoming new trend?


10 kissed Nicole

  1. I was in Thailand 4 months ago, and I brought one of those back as a present for my kid :)) can't say he liked the thing a lot - after all, he's only 3, and maybe not that into voodoo yet... but that one was different, wrapped up in multicolor threads :)
    these scary ones are really cute, though :))

  2. This magnificent idea originated from a home-based business in Thailand before the craze spred all over the world. They kinda represent Thailand, until the Copy-cat China does what 'it' does best.

  3. Oh my, Got Voodoo doll as well....

  4. I have a pair of bride and groom mummy dolls since last year. I guess, this will take over and become the trend? Who knows? :D

    So, did you get any for yourself? They are really cute! :D

  5. I've seen the procedures to make such dolls and keychains but you must have patience to do it because it's kinda hard...

    I don't have s real keychain collections but my mum is an avid collector! She buy every single keychain collection which catch her eyes around the globe no matter what are the prices...

  6. frankly speaking, their voodoo dolls look a lot more creepier. i wouldn't wanna have them hanging on my bag though

  7. Gone are the days when voodoo dolls were scary! :)

  8. Bought 1 in Bangkok 2 years ago at the night market. Forgot the name already.

    But last year when i went to midvalley, I saw 1 stall selling for RM15 each. Its beside GSC.

  9. i want one of these. where can i buy them?