I found them when visiting the hilltop Summer Palace of the 4th King of Thailand in Petchaburi.

summer palace on a hill

stairs to the summer palace of king 4th
Stairs up the hilltop

summer palace
Summer Palace

lady boys
Lady boys

Ah~ What a refreshing sight,


The view from here. See? Pagoda in the distance.

While I was browsing around the palace (forbidden to take photos inside, sacred ma, disrespectful to the royalty),

I spotted these little decalicies climbing around the corner underneath the pot.

snails group

There's not one, but a whole groupies of them!

a lot of snails

This was like a hang out joint for them. They were under every single pot.

Who eats this stuff?
oh wait. I did.

See if I can find a picture somewhere here.


Ugh. seriously. I must be crazy.

I mean, does one can actually look at these and say: "ermm... escargots." *rubs tummy*
One has to be either really blind, or really love escargots.

No, make that blind and anosmia (loss of smell).
God they smell. -.-

big snail small snail

wtf The big escargot just poo-poo on the small escargot.


15 kissed Nicole

  1. Bravo.. French cuisine
    les escargots..
    salty and chewy.. wu..

  2. eh, the whole snail thingy is really disgusting... i don't think i wanna try them in my entrie life...

  3. Hi, just a friendly tip. Escargot is a type of snail. Not all snails are escargot. Only certain species of snails are cooked and consumed. What you have here are not escargots.

  4. eeek! butterflies in my tummy. Childhood days I heard that the filling of Yong Tow Foo was fr the siput babi.

  5. Haven't eat escargot before but kill them before with salt! *Devilish*

    First time in my life I know escargot is a type of snail which can be eaten~ Eww~

  6. They ate my bills and letters in my mailbox...dammitt! And even poo-ed in there. Gross.

  7. tat is a stupa not pagoda.

  8. Oh my, there can be "bullying" in the snail/escargot realm as well...LOL poo POO.....

  9. omg.. i dislike escargots!!!

  10. hey,

    Why always about travel?

    Talk about ur relationship ma
    or sex life.

  11. Nicole, I can't imagine you ate those things!

  12. According to Wiki - Escargot is a dish of cooked land snails, usually served as an appetizer. The word is also sometimes applied to the living snails of those species which are commonly eaten.

    What you have here is a type of snail that can't be eatin.

    Tips for those ashmatics, scargot is actually good for you. Thats a natural medicine in

  13. Few weeks ago I just watch some telly program on French obssesion on escargot. Not only they eat them, the french even let it climb over their face to make the skin youthful o.O