Hua Hin Part 2: Lunch at Winery

Short Note: I'm torn between moving overseas again or take up a job offer here. What should I do?

This is the world largest Luang Poh Tuad's sculpture at Wat Huay Mongkon.

world's biggest Luang Poh Tuad

world largest Luang Poh Tuad's sculpture at Wat Huay Mongkon

Believe it or not, this was a temple built by a celebrity in Thailand who dedicated his life to Thai Buddhism. He then collected donation from the public which helped in expanding the temple,

during a festival

soon you will see a shelter over this Luang Poh Tuad sculpture - a famous monk who lived 300 years ago, it was said that he has achieved nirvana and was able to perform miracles like turning sea water to drinking water.

director and Luang Poh Tuad
Director of TAT Malaysia - very humbl and funny guy who kept suggesting that TAT would sponsor me to be Miss Malaysia -.-

Underneath the sculpture there were two elephants.

It was said that if you want to be prosperous in life, you walk underneath the elephant once (one way, no return).

director and elephant

Makes you wonder what do they mean by "prosperous"?

richard and elephant
Richard, what's your hand doing?

But what the heck you know, everyone was doing it.

me and elephant

After the temple, we proceeded to visit another favourite destination of mine in Central Thailand.

They call it Hua Hin Hills, I call it another bloody awesome winery.

As you may know, this would be my second Thai vineyard (Monsoon Valley) I've visited in Thailand. The first one being in Pak Chong - North Eastern.

nicolekiss at hua hin hills

Hua Hin hills was set in the hearth of Monsoon Valley where it can get pretty hot during seasons other than winter.

hua hin hills winery pebble walkway

But what I liked so much about the place was the exterior and interior design. It's very western, modern and the owner even bred a wine dog.

hua hin hills in monsoon valley

It sure didn't feel like I was in an Asian country.

hua hin hills setting

I have taken some pretty shots of Hua Hin hills vineyard here which I will feature them as my global destination wallpapers in my upcoming entry.

But here's a teaser for you.

hua hin hills wallpaper

Paired with pretty Thai girls,

pretty thai lady in hua hin hills

dining at Hua Hin hills became the highlight of my trip in the central Thailand.

lunch at hua hin hills

dining in hua hin hills

Hua Hin hills offered a variety of wines, which I found really interesting. Amongst of them all was the white Shiraz, which was unheard of for me.

monsoon valley wines

And my favorite sweet dessert wine made of muscat grapes.

thai muscat

You can come here to savor most of their wines for free before you buy any, which was a plus point of visiting a winery.

wine bartendress

I took my every chance to try as much as my gut can handle.

sipping wine in hua hin hills winery

I took a liking to most of the wines there that I bought four bottles home.

hua hin hills winery

If I remember correctly, I bought a bottle of white Shiraz for my friend Ron, two bottles of Rose (or god these were heaven) and a bottle of Muscat. And since I was dining there, I spent enough to get myself an exclusive membership with Hua Hin Hills.

hua hin hills membership card

Next time if I am in Bangkok and I want wine, I'll just order 4000 baht (RM400) of wine from them and they will deliver them to me for free to my place of stay in Bangkok. :D

Cooliest! I think I'm going to Bangkok again next month.

And people wondered why I love Thailand so much.

nicolekiss in hua hin hills

Where else can you see Asian labor workers trimming grape vines in a vineyard?

trimming grape vines

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7 kissed Nicole

  1. Woo, what a lovely scenery at the winery! It looks even better than some of the wineries I'd seen in Perth. Wish I could travel to there one day in the future.

  2. Wine so tempting > Remember no more "To Hell and Back" Wine tasting is very ok .... right?

  3. Gee, u make me wanna visit everywhere in Thailand...

    By the way, just curious,
    will there be any travels to Russia?
    Supposed to go there 4 medical studies...
    but know no one there =(

  4. Awesome place...really doesn't look like asian country... ^_^

  5. Nice pic but... this time don't wallpapers ar? The scenery around Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is kinda lovely with huge puffs of cloud and inviting mountains~ ^^

  6. beautiful place,looking forward to seeing it.

  7. you can find luang poh tuad temple in Gerik, Kedah. where u will find it's surrounded by forest. i had been there once and truly impressed of the displayed photos and the crowd eventhough it's located in deep jungle. however, it's nothing to compare with thailand temple and it has no roof at all :)
    nicole...i saw your diving article yesterday in The Star paper.. cheers!
    hope to see more and more...:)