The Suit Question

Many people have asked me (they assumed that being temporary Thai citizen, I know everything in Thailand) the very same question most men and sometimes women would want to know about Thailand.

"How much is it to make a suit in Thailand?"

Come on, I know you've wondered about it before. My mom asked me, my guy friends asked me, even my baby asked me.

Then, they ask:

"Is the quality good?"

"Is it worth the trip up there to make a suit?"

Some say yes, some say no.

It's totally dependable on individuals.

Well, to answer your question..

making suit in thailand
(RM1 =~ 9.7 Baht)

And YES, most of suit-making businessmen in Thailand are Indians.


7 kissed Nicole

  1. I bought one ready made coat in march and i am 100% satisfied! it cost me only about 1700 bath with latest design and quality material! so i have no complain! I bought this one in MBK from an indian!

  2. oh, that's expensive to make a suit... but if the quality is good then why not..

  3. owhhh if we had the money to go Italy to make one*Dreams*

  4. I wish I had a coat...but thinking making one from outside, I preferred PADINI instead. ^^

  5. Thailand coats are mostly cheaper comparative to the ones you make in Malaysia, esp if you would like to cater for certain designs and preferences. The quality is also good from what I see the last time I visited Thailand.