Early Birds Gets in Free

I saw this invitation pamphlet/card when I have having my Coffee Coke in Zang Toi (Yes you heard me, coffee coke).

zouk invitation

At first, I was just browsing through the leaflet when something caught my eye.

invitation mishap

Talk about early bird privilege.

I wonder who wakes up in the morning to go clubbing?


4 kissed Nicole

  1. haha.... yeah, thats way too early for the free flow of drinks as well.

  2. Hm..Maybe they're offering free flow of breakfast cereal?

  3. I think Zouk will serve american breakfast in morning and free flow of morning coffee/tea in night...

    Plus, they might provide a bed or sofa for you to continue sleeping~ until night for party!

  4. think they meant, you go there before 11am to sign up, then free flow at night. All free flows sure start early everywhere in any club in the whole word.