*update* and it's up again! Yay Yahoo! I miss you.

*update* why is yahoo down. why why why? TMNet you suck.

why is flickr so hard to load.

Want to blog also cannot.


I'm going to facebook now.

Who's free, facebook with me while I wait for flickr to resume functionality so I can blog again.

La di da...


7 kissed Nicole

  1. hi nicole, i jz added u in facebook, now waiting for u to autho me, hope ur not too bored till now :)

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  3. I'm sure the Internet's got slower, more broken and more rubbish recently. And it'll get worse, apparently.

  4. nicole nicole! play restaurant city in facebook XD hee

  5. Same case back in Ipoh... Connection breaks more 10 times per day! It's becoming habit and I've launch a few times of reports and the problems still there...

    Sigh~ All my downloads break up recently because of such thing!

  6. hi nicole!

    big big fan of your blog. no words can describe how much i enjoy viewing the pictures that you capture on your trips.. as a fellow travel-loving human being, i really envy you!

    i do hope i'll have the time (and of course, enough moolah) soon to travel just like you do.. :)

    in the meantime, live life to the fullest!

    warmest regards,

  7. Hey hey.....I agree TM sucks! But then not many choices out there. Happy blogging.