A Thai Folklore

Once upon a time, there was an old man.

old beggar

He was poor and lonely.

He didn't have any family and had no body to love.

One day, an archer came hunting in his jungle. The hunting dogs picked up his scent and started chasing him.

The old got scared so he ran and climbed up a tree to escape the dogs.

beggar on tree

The archer arrived on the spot shortly after the dogs that were barking furiously underneath the tree. He looked up and saw no prey but a frightened frail old man.

archer and hunting dogs

But archer took pity of the old man and decided to take him home to give him food and shelter for a day. Turned out the archer was no average archer, he was the Royal Archer. And he stayed in the palace.

So the old man followed him back to the palace and there he met the prince.

prince and beggars

A noble kind man himself, the prince listened to the old man's story as he talked about his unfortunate lonely life.

"Here's some magical essence, drink it, and you won't be hungry for ten days" said the prince, "Tell me, what can I do to help you?"

"I'm so lonely, I have nobody to love in my life. You're so lucky, you are rich, young and powerful. And everyone loves you. If you give me your sons, I won't be that lonely anymore."

The prince was shocked at the request. But thought about what the old man said. The prince knew that he himself was a blessed person, whether of status or of wealth. He was in deep thought a few days, when finally, he decided that he must do the right thing.

So he gave the old man his two beloved sons. Along with some money.

But the old man was not what he seemed to be. He was a greedy man.

old man and the kids

He ill-treated the children and he didn't work. When he finished all the money the prince gave, he decided to sell the children for food.

But he was smart, he went to the one person who would give anything in exchange for the children.

The King.

begging to the king

The king was a loving man. He loved his grandchildren and will grant the old man any wish to get back his grandsons.

The old man was so happy he asked for a feast, to eat as he desired.

old man eating

He ate and ate and ate....

And finally...


His stomach exploded.

old beggar died of eating

And he died.

The end. wtf.

I mean like.. WTF?!

Several things in the story above concerned me.

1. How can someone who gives away his own children be noble and kind?!

2. So the old man's greedy and lazy, big deal. Most people are. But when granted a wish in exchange for the kids, he asked for food??! He could have wealth, power, anything.... but he chose food?!

3. Stomach exploding???????

This figurine story was displayed in the wax museum park I went to in Ratchaburi.

I do wonder, what if I was made into wax and infused into the story.

Wow, me, inside a folklore story. My name will live on forever! :D

I decided to carry an experiment.

I will cast myself in the story.

Ready? Let's go.


It started with me and the old man.

me and old beggar

Both lazy and bored, we sit around and stare into blank space everyday.

One day, an archer came hunting in the jungle.

And I got shot.

archer and me

Apparently he mistaken me for some kind of animal.

So he took pity of us and brought us into the palace to heal my wound.

The prince heard of his archer's treacherous incident in the jungle, so he came to visit us.

prince and beggar and me

The old man talked about his life to the prince while I was kissing his skinny ass at the side, because he was so handsome. And powerful. And rich.

Instead of marrying me as one of his concubines, we were returned to the peasant world with two of his sons. like wtf. What did the old man ask from the prince?

me tied to the kids

We were being used as child labors by the old man, working our heads off day and night for a quick buck. But the old man was so spend drift, he finished up all our hard earned money and in the end decided to sell us.

He begged the King for food, but instead of selling all three of us, the king only wanted his grandchildren back. So I was stuck with the old man again, but at least now he was granted to eat till he's satisfied.

tsk tsk

I started lecturing him because I was the "victim" and the "nicer character" in the story.

But he didn't care. He just ate and ate and ate.


His stomach exploded.

And being revengeful and hungry myself.

I ate his stomach.

yummy intestine

The End.


Now that's a story.

Let me end this entry with a scary photo.

red scary image

You know what's the scary part? This photo is totally unedited.

Disclaimer: parts of the story was fictional, no offense if the actual story differs from what was told here. Nicolekiss does not hold responsible for any damage implied. There was no description on these statues, only heard roughly from a Thai guide.


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  1. Nicoleeee!!!! yaikkkssssssssss......


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA....where got such idiot eat till stomach explode?? kinda stupid isn't it? but nice story though....U make it kinda funny.....LMAO

  3. Hyuhh.. weird ending,
    I thought it was just a small figurines until I saw you standing besides the old man

  4. Wow! wat a Fairy Tale indeed. It will only amuse the kids I feel.

  5. i think the story is just a myth and tell us about morality of kindness and sacrificial and bad social attitude such as greed among the human life...

    Life can be an act but once greediness consume the heart of a person, it's his doomsday! Like in your story, stomach exploded... >p<

    If that's a real history, I bet the old man had a belly expansion. That time don't have anorexic ma~ Can muntah all *uek uek uek* then continue to eat... I think the he will be a 'hungty' ghost~

  6. I can't stop laughing after seeing this post! LOL! Stomach exploded? This story / myth/ wutever u call it is just so lame.

    I prefer the second story with a certain pretty girl inside. Too bad the prince din take her and gave her away to the old man.

    Stupid old man..eat until his stomach explode! Wahahahhaahhaah

  7. lols

    "he didn't have a family and no BODY to love"

    "The hunting dogs picked some his sense and started chasing him."

    XD old man got no body and dog can pick up 'sense'. cute typos! makes the story adorable.

    but anyhooo, nice entry nicole :) and i must agree with you, story seems very absurd.

    btw, the last photo's unedited????? o.O creepy.... how did you take that picture with the effect then??

    ur not pulling our legs are u? :D

  8. the story is so real...but ummm, the ending is a bit hasty and too common, like a total weird delusional writer went drunk and just ended the story abruptly.. but the tummy bursting photo is kinda scary.

  9. That's truly funny nicole. I mean, BOTH story (the one you narrated and the one you acted on). This is excellent blog material. Thanks for putting a big laugh on my stressful day!

  10. Hahah, great post :D most amusing

  11. btw Nicole,the last picture was not edited at all??? that is soooo scarry!!!!

  12. your blogs are less interesting nowadys. somehow, your final touch, factors, ingredients are not there. May need to go for another trip.

  13. Very funny story I must say!

  14. how can the second last pic and the last pic differ so much? =x

  15. Hahahaha! Nice one... I'm so NOT going to have nightmares about bak kut teh tonight!!!


  16. Hey, I found the sypnosis at a site. Read on~

    *You might need to maximize this comment window*

    >The Story of the Buddhist Saga Vessantara Jataka

    The light and sound display tells the story of the Buddhist saga about Prince Vessantara, who practiced Dhamma (Buddhist teachings) and followed the precepts of Buddha, which emphasize charity and giving. The story tells and profoundly praises the prince’s good example of making donations and sacrifices and compares such goodness with the endless unlimited craving and yearning of the professional beggar named Jujaka.

    According to the synopsis of the story, Prince Vessantara realized the importance of charity and liked making donations until he was eventually expelled from his home city. He took his family and went to live his life as a religious pilgrim in the forest. One day when his wife, Princess Matsi, was out gathering fruits to feed her children, Jujaka, the beggar, came up and begged Prince Vessantara to give him his children, Kanha and Chali. Prince Vessantara asked Jujaka to wait for Princess Matsi to come back first, but Jujaka said he could not wait (because he knew the nature of women is sympathetic and she would never give her children to him). So Prince Vessantara gave his children to Jujaka and told him to go to the palace of the King of Sanchai to receive a valuable treasure.

    When Jujaka received the children, he beat them in front of Prince Vessantara. Prince Vessantara suddenly got angry and wanted to kill Jujaka, but eventually he regained calm and thought about the great merit of giving. This allowed his anger to die. So Jujaka led the two children away into the forest, beating them continuously. Then one day, Jujaka stumbled across the royal platform of the King Sanchai. The king saw the children and recognized them as the children of Prince Vessantara. Then, the King reclaimed them from Jujaka in exchange for a plethora of valuable treasures and an abundance of food and drink. Jujaka was so greedy that he overstuffed his stomach until he couldn’t take it anymore and he died. That is the result of the endless greed of human beings.

  17. Hi...

    I think you both funny and cute...

    If the prince doesn't want you I'll take you...


    Tx for the entertainment.