Extravagant Birthday Dinner


If life was meant to live to the fullest, why do so many of us give so many reasons so many times to stop ourselves to live the way we want? Why do we chose to give so many things up?

Almost two weeks ago, after celebrating my birthday on the 1st of March. I made a trip to KL the next day to attend a job interview and also, to meet up with Kenny, who has been kind enough to celebrate my birthday the second time with me and my friends. Isn’t that the sweetest thing~~!!!!

He chose a place which was recommended by Ringo. Café Café was the name of the place; fine dining was its style. Since my last visit to Paris three years ago, I never thought I would be eating my all time favorite delicacy Foie Gras again in another country other than France.

café café booklet

looks nice enough

I love fine dining, which is why France remains one of my favorite countries ever visited. Apart from my usual vege and raw food dietary, I take a fair deal of pleasure in savoring well prepared cuisines. Delicate food turns me on, literally, no really, I meant it.

Upon entering the restaurant, I had a feeling that I just entered a theatre with electricity shortage. How could anyone see anything in this kind of environment? I know it’s a place of romance, but this is ridiculous, I bet if you’re planning to make out here, no one else would have realized.

last page of booklet
doesn’t it look like a theatre?

café café
Décor inside Café Café

I have to use flashlight with every photo taken

It wasn’t until the second dish was served that I understood the purpose of their lightings.

Escargot… aka snails~~

God~ If the lights were fully on, I probably wouldn’t eat what I could see. *chills down my spine after examining this photo*

Honestly, it’s quite tasteless, it’s like chewing sponge. Now I have tried once, I wouldn’t mind a second time.

Kenny and me
Café Café makes everything looks so pretty… yes I am talking about me :p

dory fish

erm… taste like claypot chicken

chicken with better cam quality
same dish, this is taken by Alvin’s cam, why does this looks more delicious?

Kenny ordered duck

And this is what I have ordered,

egg and bacon salad
I can’t help it, I’m a salad person

Now’s for desserts~~

I wonder if this is the reason I can never lose weight in France

everyone having a good time

Cam whore hour~

me and gerald
the cute Gerald

Kenny and me again
cute posing~ yeah~

I’m so happy~

cute cake
my cute surprise birthday cake, thank you Kenny for taking the effort! ^^

playing with candle
Audrey Hepburn impersonation???

Here is the short video of Kenny singing a birthday song for me, which I totally ignored busy taking photos of the cutest cake ever~~~ hohoho. You can only hear the song though, since it’s totally dark.

Yea~~ let’s go there again!


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Reasons stay reasons, nothing can stop you if your resolve's set.

    You give up so many things because of fear. Cast them aside.

    Not sure how I arrived here, but that's nice of you sharing the photo of uhhh, wierd food in Paris. ^^;
    I would probably never eat snails in my life ever... yeah, never....

    Have a good time and happy belated birthday !!

  2. Seizhin, you are missing out on food tasting food!

    Of all the pictures, you chose to post my stoney look with you *sulks*

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  4. dat is seriously nice of Kenny, Happy B'day. Give him a chance laaaa =P

  5. EWW!!! Kenny really look like teletubbies in the cute posing pic

  6. how much did the dinner cost?!? i think kenny sia just became kenny sial. lol. just kidding.

  7. you look so hot grrl !

    who does your hair !

    happy birthday nicole !

  8. I can make a birthday cake based on foie gras if you wish..