All was good

Short Talk: When will you guys stop googling "Chua Soi Lek Sex Tape"

I’m utterly puffed, my blood pressure just dropped from low to lowest (107 43 - measured yesterday).

I feel sleepy all the time but I need to keep myself awake because apparently now I have to stay in the hospital in the day till late evening before my maid come and take over.

With my brother out of the country working, I’m left to take care of my mom.

Blessed the gods and guan yin that my mom is safely out of the surgery now and is recuperating, gradually… but getting better. Though she has not been able to move and need help to every single movement including drinking. The surgery was on the neck and waist so that means she can’t move her neck or sit up at all.

Today she shocked me for having a bit of heat because seriously, I’m not doing so well myself and I feel that my blood pressure continues to drop every day due to stress and sleepless nights.

The hospital here is horrible. The doctor was great; he was the doctor that did the surgery for my dad, I can just kiss him and he probably has no idea how grateful I am to him, twice.

But the hospital itself? Horrible, there’s always a shorthand of staff, if you buzz for service like getting the drip change simply because my mom couldn’t reach the stopper to prevent air from entering her veins, no one come! The nurse will just completely ignore the signals. I know cause I was standing just outside the door observing them.

The attitude? Constant expressions that tell the world their family have just died. If it’s not for the surgeon to transfer to this hospital cause of cheaper rent, I wouldn’t think of any other reason to come here in the first place. The place is dodgy, the service is crap, the nurses are depressingly annoying and the food, omg, and I thought hospital food can NOT get any worse.

I have seen white rice tastier than their “seasoned and cooked” vegetables.

10 more days Nicole, just 10 more days…


26 kissed Nicole

  1. Stay strong Nicole. Life has its ups and downs. I'm sure you and your family can pull through this. =)

  2. be strong girl...


    stress + sleepless nights = blood pressure shoots up... not getting lower :)

  3. hang in there.. you need to take care of yourself to take care of your mom .. so stay strong !!

  4. glad auntie is fine... u too, get a well deserved rest k... CNY coming...

  5. keep yrself healthy k. lotsa water and vitamin C, spirolina and all things good...

    yr mom needs you and you need her and you'll need yrself to be well :)

    wishing you all the bestt

  6. hang in there nicole.. im sure you can do it. (:

  7. You need to take care of yourself too. Stay strong.

    If your mum needs to go for exercise therapy before discharge, you might want to find out more about it and advise her on the safety aspect accordingly. Some idiots may perform disappearing act when they are suppose to be there to do supervision. I personally came across a bad accident as a result of such negligence. I shall not go into the details here. Most importantly is to remind her not to push herself too hard. Hold on to something or sit down if she feels giddy.

    Wish her a speedy recovery.

  8. Hey,

    Hang in there and


    "Don't let the hospital(bastards) grind you down."

    note: original word in brackets.

  9. I find it just so annoying some people just love complaining rather then being thankful your mom is well and find. If you want good service, why not go to a better private hospital rather then bitchy telling around nothing is good. This is an attitude yourself worse if things are worse. Just learn to be thankful, goodness will come your way.

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  12. True Love,

    Be considerate with Nicole's feeling. She's cranky coz of everything she went thro and I don't blame her for complaining bout EVERYTHING around her rather than her worrying bout her mom. For crying out loud! Take heart, man!

    Nicole, nothing last forever... even your troubles so chin up,girl!

  13. let me wish that your mother can recover fast...

    And you have to take care of yourself, coz you will be taking care of your mum... Try to have enough rest, and enough meals.

    Hang fast, nicole, and hang tight in there.

  14. Take good care of yourself. Will pray for your mother for speedy recovery.... no matter what, you still have your readers to support you! ignore those who just know how to comment bad about you! they obviously dont understand where you coming from!
    (sorry for my bad english)

  15. Stay strong Nicole! Like I've said before...staying by her side is one of the best gift you could give to your loved ones.


  16. dun worry... at least she is better now ^^
    stay tough^^
    and good luck

  17. Glad everything is alright. But do u need to complain on the hospital? LOL should be thankful.

  18. Nicole.. all smile for you :D

    i wonder if ever "True Love" has gone through all these before..

    and I wonder what would "True Love" do when faced with a situation that he is alive and bad service and being grateful he is alive but later killed by bad service.. *touch wood*

  19. dun worry..ur mum will getting well..soon..u must take care too..

  20. wish your mom get well soon!
    stay strong!

  21. be strong and stay fit. you still need to take of your mum after she is discharged from the hospital. :-)

  22. I haven't reply any comment for a long time now. Shall do it now because I feel happier today, my mom can walk d.

    Amirul: thanks, and we have, bless everyone.

    The Devil: mine got :(

    chee fei: we're doing better today. thanks :)

    Michael Song: she has to wear a neck support thingy for three months, we're just gonna chill through cny

    keShia*: thank you.. will keep that in mind :)

    ziqi: hang, hung, we're through. Thanks!

    whisperingshout: ya... i want her to exercise!!! So she can go travel with me again :D

    Destikles: a long time no see u here. ya.. those bastards... blood flowing out of the drip tube d still don't wanna come and change

    true love: oh I am grateful :)

    clichegal: thank you so much! ^^

    BaLQiz: thank you! I do wish happiness do last forever... :)

    S.O: we're getting better, thanks for ur concern.

    deccee: your english ain't bad. and thank you! :)

    Kenny: so am i!

    Bing: yep, will stay here for at least a week before i return to work

    John S: I am thankful. but but but.. the service really bad... >_<

    Geli Tifa: bless u

    yapthomas: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    kimfei: i will thanks ^^

    Hungryduo: she's been better today thanks!

    Tan: yea.. i am. :)

  23. Hi! Nicole;
    Be nice & god's bless u n your family ! Always keeps healthy & happiness !


    Peace to all souls !

    Vincent Khoo.

  24. hang on there gal... u have the strengts to do it. i know how u feel, i've been throught this before...
    god bless...