Good Old Times

Short Note:

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Ever wonder how I look like 5 years ago?

When I was still a rascal, one of the boys, playful teenager.

Well, you don't get much fashion teachings coming from an almost all boys' class in college.

I mean, come on, I was studying software engineering back then. Who the hell (as a girl) study software anyway~~~ Geez... (Okay maybe a lot during the dot com boom but not enough girls to fill 20% of the class)

It's amazing how time and social life in the society, some exposure to working and night life in a city, couple of trips to foreign land can change a person.

This was me back in 2002.

Genting 3

Oh the ghastly hair dye, the specs, the make-up-less no trimming no priming face and fashion sense. It's horrible I know. And the culprit who threw ice on me was (still is) my pet brother laughing devilishly at the back. He's also the top student in class, after me.. Ke ke ke... No actually, I was always second because of him. -.-

These were my classmates...

Genting 2

We had good fun. Yup, the good old times where work stress and money were never problems to students like us.

Genting 5

And hair colouring is totally acceptable and COOL back then. Oh god, I can't look at myself now. *cover monitor screen*

But yes, it's coming to the end of 2007 and five years ago will soon become 6 years ago. That's half a dozen of years! OMG.. more than half a decade!

To the good old times...

Genting 1

Don't you miss youth?

Although I have not seen half of you since I left for England.


20 kissed Nicole

  1. He! You looked so fresh and cute!

  2. yupe, i miss all the good time back to college life...

  3. Not bad ler..not as geeky as you describe it..

  4. well.....another reason for us to realise that we should cherish what we have now........because.. when its gone..its gone....

  5. wow, din know ur a SE student too. Coolllllll.

  6. nicole xiao jie, u looked so geeky (in an attractive way) back then.. ;p

  7. Wow... ur hair color is a bit... erm... over?

    Wah... "make-up-less no trimming no priming face and fashion sense"... Is that, that bad? Cos I guess I'm still encountering the same stage... Yikes... Hehe... Maybe worse?

    But I'm surrounded by girls since high school yet I don't see any fashion sense in me... :p

  8. So....did you graduate with a computer/engineering related degree or just studied it?

  9. Yo girl... but I prefer your current looks now more pretty and serious/mature look. =)

  10. Wow. I can't believe that's you. It's like two different people! But both pretty, in different ways. C:

  11. What kinda of hair was that?! Result of software program gone haywire? :P

  12. Oh la la! Quite an amazing transformation.

  13. All boys, u alone gal. not ashame?

  14. oh.... 原来u wear 眼镜喔...

  15. well i must say u have a bunch of very good looking coursemates...hehe

    have a happy near year nicole...
    have been reading ur blog secrtly for some time now ;)

  16. hahah Yah I am still thinking why the hell I studied Software Engineering ...

  17. hey girl you are so cute and young 5 years ago! haha

  18. yea..i miss youth too :( ...We need a time machine..

    btw,ur hair is't tahan to tease you for awhile.:P

  19. aiyo... so cute.
    hellya... i miss youth >.<

  20. Very cute then. More of a beauty today. I do see some changes: facial features, complexion, hair, etc. How important is beauty to you? just curious.