Million reasons for a Millionaire?

Have you ever said of the following when someone asked you to do something spontaneous? Be it planning for a trip, filling up a form, answering some survey questions, leave a comment, start a blog or even enter to win a contest?

“Yea, I will do it tomorrow?”

“Actually I’ve been planning to do it”

“Still got time lah…”

“Ai yah, I never win anything one lah…”

“Lazy lah~”

A million and one excuse. Yes? No?

If you say no, your pants are on fire.

If you say yes, yay, I bet you are already somewhere in your life now, else you just need to try harder. Lady luck will come your way eventually.

fortuna, roman goddess of luck
Fortuna - Roman Goddess of Luck

Because you know what? I believe in luck. And I believe luck do not go to people who procrastinate, nor people who are pessimistic.

There are a lot of people who always discriminate me for knowing some celebrity bloggers such as Kenny and Timothy whereas I’m just a noob who like to suck up to them.

Well, truth be told, and fortunately enough, Kenny was the first ever blogger I know in my life and also in the blogosphere. Timothy seconds that list. I mean, wow, am I lucky or what? To know the two most influential people in the Malaysia blog community since the start of my blogging career/life. They were my only two friends in my blogosphere.

Yes I am lucky, really lucky, so lucky sometimes I don’t know how lucky I am till one day I actually sit down and tell to myself “Wow, that Kenny is really popular” (Yes! I didn’t know he was THAT popular back then k).

And I asked the same question several months after knowing Mr Timothy Tiah, or known better as Timmy for me. “Wow, that Timothy is actually SOMEBODY huh, I thought he was just a sweet geek guy from your friendly neighborhood who drove a better looking car (-.-;;) and gave me a free PSP which my brother took in his possession now”.

I’m slow in a way. But that’s not what I am talking about today. What I am trying to say is how did I end up blogging? How did I end up knowing them both? How did I end up where I am today? (Which is nowhere but a pretty comfy position and I am happy at the moment)

It was one fine day, a friend forwarded me this pretty awesome and funny blog, and I laughed so hard, so I wrote this guy a message to tell him how much I appreciate his blog and how it made me laugh and expect nothing in return. Why? Because I just feel like it. It was spontaneous, not much effort, and maybe only took me 10 seconds to write those two liners.

Today, I’ve known Kenny for more than a year and the friendship is going strong.

kenny and me first meet
Our first acquaintance in Melaka a year ago

kenny and me
Blogger gathering in Penang 8 months later

me and kenny in halong bay
Kenny and me travelling in Vietnam a year later

It was another fine day, that I was blog hopping around (just learned blog-hopping and was rather enthusiastic about it) and suddenly several bloggers I came across were talking/blogging about this nuffnang noobie company that caught my attention, so I went into the website and signed up for an account, messed around the html code and left it there forgotten. Why? Because I was bored and I’m a sucker when more than one people tell me a certain thing/program/software is good.

A week or more later, a stranger called me in my morning sleep a day after returning from Koh Samui.

“Hello, is this Nicole. This is @$!#@$ from nu#$#@” (in my sleep too blur cannot hear)

“Huuh? WHuOT? WHuuuo? Naffnaff?”

“Timothy, from Nuffnang. Nicole, you’ve just won a PSP”

“Huh? Tim? Yea, nuff what?”

“Nuffnang, as in N.U.F.F.N.A.N.G.” (Omg, I can’t believe he spelt it out for me)

“N.U.F.F~~~~~ (repeating and mumbling to myself) OHHH… Nuffnang! (suddenly remembers) What? Yes yes, you were saying”

“Yes, you’ve just won a PSP”

“oh… Oh… OHHH (now only awake)~~!!! Wow, I won?! OMG OMG”

“Yea, that’s about the type of reaction I was expecting.” (*shy* people sleeping earlier mah~)

We met, he passed me a pink PSP and then we've become good friends :)

win psp
First photo Timothy took of me

The strawberry cheesecake we ate that night at Italiannes

First casual dinner night out with Timothy at Marche

group photo
Bloggers’ dinner meet up at Marche again, (from left) Clare, Jordan, Me, Dominic and Timothy

I’m not saying it’s a sure win thing when you participate, I consider myself lucky to win the PSP even, or to have the greatest pleasure to get to know these wonderful people. It’s like how I enjoyed this particular entry Fireangel wrote once long long long time ago (when I was still a super noob) and wrote her an email to show her my admiration for her way of blogging. She replied me and I was ecstatic, two more emails later she stopped replying me (or reply with a one liner) and that made me really shy to pursue further. :( And I went online to brag to Kenny that Fireangel actually replied me!!! (Duh, now that I think back I feel like hitting myself, Kenny practically knows everyone in the blogosphere yet I was so shocked when he said he knows Fireangel. o.O -.-)

But that doesn’t mean you sulk and cry about it. You shrug and move on. Take it easy and life will be easy on you. (I still like her website btw)

So now, after hearing all my stories; do you think you still need an excuse if someone come up to you and tell you you could be a millionaire by spending 5 minutes to fill up a form?

NO!! You BLOODY do NOT!!!!


Because if a million people out there find excuses NOT to fill up that form, you stand a MILLION chance higher to win that MILLION RINGGIT!!! All the better when it’s before 31 December 2007!!! (the shorter the time, the less people you need to compete with, kekeke…)

As long you use TM, TM Net services or Celcom services, you are well eligible to win:

- Daily Prizes- RM100 cash rebate
- Monthly Prizes
i) overseas holiday package (EPL/Beijing Olympics) for two worth RM15,000
ii) Visit Malaysia holiday package for four worth RM5,000
iii) 3G Nokia mobilephones
- Grand Prize- RM1mil cash

Because TM Merdeka Millionaire said so, because lady luck said so too.

(ngek ngek, I bet you didn't see the last paragraph coming~)


36 kissed Nicole

  1. ehh ... i'm not a celebrity blogger!

  2. yes u are!!! u are u are u are.... lala la la

  3. wow you're a great advertorial writer, definitely one of the best around! =D

  4. Good twist at the end indeed. Kept me wondering WHERE you were heading with each para.....

  5. Unfortunately, I'm not a TM customer... hehehehe... ;p
    Is Kenny gonna have his own version of this advertorial too??

  6. Gone With The Wind7/12/07 6:18 PM


    Been reading your blog for a few months. At first I enjoyed your rather fresh and raw enthusiasm. I mean, pretty and funny, thats got to be a combo better than beer and pretzels. But I see that commercialism, money-ism and other isms have gotten to you. Well, guess if you are riding the fame wave, might as well sell out and make some money off it, huh?

    Sad to say you have lost a reader or a fan, but then again, you have so many anyway, whats losing one? Probably will read your blog in a couple of months time, till then, have a nice time being famous.

  7. Ah Nicole,

    I filled up the form d lor, If win the grand prize hor, I buy u roti canai lar... (^_^)"

    Chubby Chin lor

  8. 3cinr3b: *gleam*

    the hinge: got u there didn't i, LOL

    diese: i'm not sure :)

    gone with the wind: u see the thing is, I write with my heart, even if it's just an advertorial, doesn't mean i don't mean what i wrote. :)

  9. When is TM gonna call me? Hope not as early as Timothy did. RM1mil can do a lot of damage to the heart of a sleep-talker :P

  10. Hey Nicole, I understand how you feel, must be hard to have people constantly saying things in your blog or maybe to ur face how much you suck up to those famous bloggers.....But I know, knowing you and since you started your blog, how much time and effort you have put into this wee wittle blog of yours....To be honest, I don't think you need to dedicate a post to those people who back stab you but it's good that things are clearer now......Just be yourself, don't take crap from anyone :). Nothing in this world can satisfy everyone and you don't need to :)

  11. Dear,

    You've won't the PSP because you are a way better looking blogger. writes better stuff than you.

    Kennysia write better stuff than you! Get your face looks like boogeyman. Then i'll bet you won't won the sony PSP.

    Anyway..blogs nowadays all sucks. But really write interesting stuff. I can say i'm proud of that kuching guy....

    Bla bla i going to delete this post too.

  12. dying fish: wow.. ur grammer sure beats nicole's that's for sure.

    "You've won't the PSP..." HAH!! classic. and here you are judging who is the better writer?

  13.'s supposed to be WON

    Anyway, where's your blogs?
    You're just a reader?
    My mistakes, my grammar is not good.

    I didn't said i won, but i said the prize should be given to somebody else who deserve it. Like kennysia perhaps?

  14. dying fish: the psp is a monthly lucky draw from nuffnang. As in, you win it by LUCK.

  15. dying fish,
    Nobody can win all the time, not even the best. Most important is to try the best. You win some, you lose some.

  16. looks like ur blog is heading for the one hit wonder thingy.all the best in keeping ur readers intact =)

  17. hey nicole
    i think your blog is great. i enjoy reading it :) :)

  18. hey nicocoa.....i'll send you another box of chocos for this! hahahaha

    be yourself. ignore all those baseless accusations that others throw at you. but work on it if its a constructive critic. :)

  19. You not really lucky lah. Dont you realize why Kenny reply your email and why Nuffnang 'gave' you the PSP…? Cos you a woman. A beautiful young lady. Dont get me wrong, you are nice person (I think so), good writer, funny....bla..bla..bla.. but your beauty also play a vital part.

    But nothing wrong with that…just enjoy your life and your ‘luck’.

  20. I agree with you mr. right. I do think Nicole's looks helps. Kenny and Timmy are males and who can blame them for wanting to meet and get to know a good looking female?

    Nicole is really not the best blogger or writer. Plus, her spelling, vocabulary and grammar need a LOT of improvement. That is the basics of being a good blogger/writer. I also think her blog is getting so commercialized. My impression nowadays is that Nicole is shallow and money-minded. To me, a woman is less attractive when she always thinks that she is every guy's desire or the talk of town.

  21. howard: since when is being a blogger has to be good in writing, that's your stereotyping. It's just a freaking blog!

  22. I agree with Jenny, you don't have to be a good writer to have a blog. Besides, I think Nicole's English is perfectly fine to me despite being Chinese educated.

  23. Eh? a blogger does not have to be good in writing? *scratch head*

  24. Heya.

    I notice you like eating exotic food.

    How about trying this out if you dare ?

    Frog Sashimi.

  25. Oops i just realised i added a comment in your previous post. How silly of me. Well now that u know. See you guys around soon! Ciaoz...

  26. Been following your blog a few weeks. Its entertaining and candid. Keep up the great posts and pics!

  27. You know you're becoming a famous blogger when people start wrting stuff like "I used to like you but you've sold out" or "Your stuff used to be so much better".

    Ironically enough, after reading Dying Fishe's comment above, I remembered Kenny himself getting comments like "Your stuff is not as good as Mr. So-and-So Famous Blogger" and "I don't know why you so famous" and "You're only famous because you suck up to so-and-so".

    So now he's come full circle, with people telling OTHER bloggers that "You're not as good as Kennysia" or "Your'e only famous because you suck up to Kennysia".

    The blogosphere is a funny little place, ain't it?

  28. Haiya... why people always comment not realated to entry?

  29. u r rite, mr Right. Especially whisperer....dun noe what he talking all the time. i think he must always say something (nonsense aso never mind) on nic's blog. but cant blame him cos he so shallow tat he could onli whisper.......!!!

  30. mmm..."There are a lot of people who always discriminate me for knowing some celebrity bloggers such as Kenny and Timothy whereas I’m just a noob who like to suck up to them."

    I'm sure there is a pun somewhere in there :)

    BTW love your blog...

  31. kuchingite2712/12/07 12:20 AM

    Hilarious. Just one word, Nic to describe the haters.

    Here they are criticising other people and trying to act smart when they are not as successful to start with. They deserve no respect.

    Do not confuse this with those providing constructive criticism, but starting a personal attack on someone is just uncalled for.

    You are trespassing someone's personal space once you have done that and that's just plain unethical and immoral.

    Just funny how people assume their expectations to be the right way to do something. Face the reality please! There is no such thing as right or wrong. Please stop making a fool out of yourself,

  32. hey nicole... u r still entertaining to me... dont worry about all the haters out there... they r just jealous...! ^_^

    Keep up the good work, i think ur writing good enuff..

    note to retards out there: U dont have to be completely good in english to blog ok!!!! which book of rules says so?

  33. Rilek friend. There's one word to describe all of those types of people:-


    Blog on and keep up the good work.

  34. Whoaaa....chill guys, it's just a blog!! Don't let them get to ya Nicole. It's your blog, you can write whatever you want.


  35. she din't lose her supporters.
    go nicole go~~
    i like you~~
    you are much better than those fakers who are trying to use fancy fake language to amaze the others.
    you are much better than those fakers who are trying to just show off their life by blogging..
    well.. I like simple english.. as mine is not really that good~~~~

  36. yourself, keep going! cheers..