Dark mumbles...

Quote of the day:

"If you don't get the best grades don't fret
I didn't do well in school and I'm a multi-millionaire".

-- Adam Sandler

Don't you just love Adam?

I awoke in the midst of dawn. Sat up on my bed and rubbed my eyes. It’s still dark outside. I heard dog barking in the distant, or was it just few doors across the corridor? I wasn’t sure; sleepiness has drowned my logical sense.

I leaned over to squint at the clock sitting next to my bed, 5:15am.

Stomach’s growling. Erm… maybe I should have eaten dinner? But then I have one of the strangest eating habits, inconsistent almost. Sometimes a bag of peas can fill me up for a whole day, and then I found myself lying awake on my bed in the middle of the night feeling hungry.

I needed to get back to sleep. But then I stood up and walked out to the living room, into the kitchen, grabbed a yellow cup and poured myself some banana milk from the fridge; then walked back into the living room, pulled out a chair and sat down in front of the pc.

The pc’s loading itself while I finished the cup of milk in my hand. Ahh… banana flavoured milk, one of the best inventions. I heard HL is coming out with a strawberry flavoured one, but then I’m never a fan of strawberry by-products, they all have the similar cough syrup taste, or was it because of my childhood that my mom always fed me that awful strawberry thick creamy cough medicine which permanently puts me off strawberry flavoured products? Banana, on the other hand, tastes good with everything, especially with peanut butter and bread.

A mosque nearby started its praying session which made me realised I was still in Malaysia. That proved how long I have not been awake at this hour of the time, at least for a good few months.

I love the night. Quiet and peaceful, time seemed to stop during these hours. And inspiration would start flowing in and suddenly there’re a lot of things to think about, to write about.

I thought about the Europe trip that I want to take next year. And how ridiculously the visa is going to cost me, RM1400 for a visa (UK)? Geez… time to save up lots and lots of money. Wonder how much one needs to travel to Europe? 10k? 20k? The moroseness of having a weak currency sank in.

Someone asked me to commit to do cardio in the gym for at least an hour everyday. The thought alone sent chills down my spine. An hour? That’s mental. But then it’s either that or I remained fat for the rest of my life. Harsh, but I agree. Commit, or never. It’s like how we should see life, to either obligate the task to its full extend, or never to start at all.

And since I have decided to dedicate my life to travelling, might as well do one extensive one, one insane journey, something which I have always wanted to do while I’m still in my youth and can look back in years to come and reminisce my achievements.

I often said to myself, yes, money is important, but what’s the point of living a life if you have never experience and experiment with what and how far life can bring you. Many lived through their lives working and fulfilling dreams of others or self material needs that they looked pass a lot of big establishments in life: family, love, having a ‘life’ and contribution to those who are less fortunate.

But despite many that I can have and give, love seems to omit itself from my life. I wonder why is this a problem to me now? As it was never a problem before. Or has it always been a problem, and that I was too blunt to notice?


mmm.. sun’s rising… inspiration gone.

Time to head back to bed. Night, everyone.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. Good morning jiejie

    Yeah .. money is important but there are things are equally important too :) ie like health and family

    Happie Sunday!

  2. You sound so poetic. Hehe! But I like it.

  3. I feel like im reading the intro of a novel when i read this new post of urs. it's well written i must say. hehe~ ;)

    I'd like to ask u a ques.. Lately, I've been having these dreams whereby guys walk up to me & ask for my phone no. etc. And then last night, i had a dream that this guy i've known for some time now, told me how he felt bout me. In short, He said he like me for a long time ady. @@ a prob for me tho is that he's well, a pondan. >.< sheesh. i dont know why most of my guy friends are like that. the usual kinda guys always stay far, far away from me. weird, i know.

    So anyways, my point is that do u hav this kind of similar dream? oh No! i don mean guys who r pondan come up & confess his love for u. i mean, guys come & ask for yr fon no. & tell u they like u. jz like that.. :) I hope u do reply me, when u're free la. thanks in advance!

  4. pondering person23/12/07 12:23 PM

    Hi Nicole,

    What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

    (man refers to mankind - both man and woman)

    Seriously, love exists in your life. It has already found you, only if you are willing to open your eyes and see. Have a good day. Cheers.

  5. I like it when you are JUST BLABBING...
    A tinge of insight, a peck of fun, a touch of ingenuity..the perfect recipe... (:

  6. yeah.... HL banana flavored milk rulezzz...

  7. I don't think you need a visa in europe right?

  8. Everyone has love problems :)

    Getting fat? Ya, with working life, one's nether regions get to sit out flat more and more, and with neglect, the subsequent years can make those areas an unsightly object.

    Most of those seeming fats are actually water retention which can be shed off with a 3-4 times/week light running (40-60 min each). With proper food (no dieting) and sufficient citric juice (for VitC), you may well keep your weight in check...and don't have to feel nervous facing those fabulous legs of the Disney dancers in Japan...LOL

    Have a nice day!

  9. Money is important. We can always earn it back.
    We only live once. That's what I have been teeling myself.

    May your wish come true Nicole. Merry christmas.

  10. Yes, indeed you really treasure life as we only have one life in our lifetime. Time really flies....and no turning back once it is gone...Cheers !!! and Merry X'mas !!

  11. I think if you have a proper diet plan ie. eat regularly at proper times, you wouldn't get fluctuating weight ;)

  12. Hi Nicole,

    Mun here. An hour run on treadmill is too much if you just started working out. Start with 10 to 20 minutes and slowly increasing it.

    No worry. You still look slim in your photo.

  13. there's banana flavor-ed milk?!
    where? i wan
    n i tot strawberry was out long time ago already?

  14. hey hey nicole, how are you ?
    love the quote you put up there. i didnt do well during my schooling days too.

  15. mmm whut happened to our favourite nicolekiss?

    Why so emo wan???

  16. hey, cheer up girl, its xmas season and the new year is filled with a lot of possibilities. its a shame to see such emotional turmoil in such a beautiful person

  17. i wanna go for euro trip too... bring me along...