Happy Boxing Day 2007!!

Today is Boxing Day!!


No not boxing~~

BOXing Day.

box box01

It’s a public holiday, right after Christmas on the 26th December.

I used to think Boxing Day is a day for every house to get rid of their empty Christmas boxes right after all the presents exchanging the day before. (Not before I actually thought it was a day of people boxing each other when I saw the public holiday date on an English calendar)

At least that’s what my English born and bred cousin told me. Ermmm….

Boxing Day was actually a day to help the poor, give gifts to the workers or people of lower social status. It’s a day of fox hunting in England until it was banned in November 2004.

Boxing Day 2002

Read here for the different folk tales of Boxing Day.

Anyway, I love Boxing Day. It’s a day where England performs one of its most remarkable events in the entire year. All the major (and small) stores in the country launch their year’s biggest sales ever. And I mean it’s HUGE, ENORMOUS. The lowest discount would be 40% in the more cheapskate stores, right up to 90%!!!

Because it’s so big, usually it last for a whole week.

Folks, this… is Oxford Street.

oxford street2
Click here for full size.

I used to breathe the air of Oxford Street, on Boxing Day I would move in and out of shops and stores like a hamster squirreling around tree holes, from one end to the other endlessly till the sun sets, which I would then return home and come back the next day, for numerous days.

It is where you find the world largest single shop fashion store that stood 5-storeys high (and god knows how many levels under) Topshop, a 50,000sqft Europe’s largest music shop HMV, and also many other high street brand like Zara, Gap, Warehouse, H&M, Moonsoon, etc.

I once bought this pair of suede boots that cost £45 originally and it was on 90% discount. Meant I only paid for £5!!! (only RM35 okay!! Omg o.O) A blinking pair of perfectly new, might be out of season but still pretty nice looking, black suede boots!!! Which I wore like almost everyday after that.

I miss those days.

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!! :D

Now go punch your friend.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. merry boxing day

  2. There's a lot of boxes after christmas...(^_^)

    Happy boxing day Nicole...

  3. i love you nicole!! merry xmas, kekeke

  4. i box you.. you box me.. just choose your side..
    left or right..

  5. You are right.
    Even Edinburgh has HUGE sales along Princess Street.

    Hehe.... and I bought XY perfume you adv. before and 4 pieces of clothes.

    Planned to come back UK again?? ;)

  6. I love boxing day sales in nz, prob not as good as the UK though. But crappy weather yesterday and too many people so went home early, got sick of squeezing.

  7. hahahahhaaa....go punch your fren.

    yeah....sales in the UK are really SALES........not like here in kl.

  8. Gee, good findings. Too bad no holiday in Asian places.

  9. And it also has been a traditional day where there is a lot of football in England. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. Before reading this entry, I was still thinking Boxing day is a day to punch people :D
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  11. Haha! Soo true, your just like my wife! She goes nuts on Boxing day. I live in London, she is Shopping while I am stuck at work today!

    Your right about Topshop on oxford streeeet! You can get lost. I try to find clothes close to the entrance so I can make a quick exit!!! haha!

    Happy Shopping!

    PS. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  12. ish~ I've never noe tat my bufday is actually Boxing day as well =.="

  13. Kuchingite2728/12/07 12:35 AM

    Hey Nic!

    I'm not sure if I'm going across the boundaries in asking this question but do tell me if I have. I was just wondering if you could tell us a little about past? You studied in England last time? Tell a bit more? Or was this in your older posts?



  14. havent check your blog for weeks and I am shocked to find out we started the blog for the boxing day in awfullly similar way with the exact same picture! 0_o

    happy new year!