S*ck On That!

Life, good gracious life. You just like to be difficult with me don’t you?

Yes, life is difficult. It just doesn’t go the way you wanted. Never did, never will.

Just like how I have removed the comment section so none of you bastard can write whatever shit that you might write to hurt me, my friends, my family or anyone else.

Difficult for you I know.

You all worthless pieces of shit. Hah!! Now I’m scolding you, and you are forced to read whatever I write, even if it’s word after word of vulgarities directed at YOU. And you can’t do anything about it. So HAH!!

Try to comment, hah! Try to write in the chatbox, hah!

You can’t! HAH!!!

*show middle finger and ass*

This is my blinking blog and I wish to write WHATEVER I want HOWEVER I like.

Be it to be sptuidly swcred up wiht no whtasoeevr engilsh sensce becuase I odn’t ndee tihs hsit fmor yuo.

It is my blog you f*ck a*s b*stard b*tches and I can write all about ME ME ME because last time I checked, oh... this is Nicole's blog aka MY blog! And SINCE WHEN does owning a blog means you HAVE to HAVE a perfect sense of English?!

What now? I can’t write so I can’t own a blog? I can’t write so I can’t express my feelings the only way I know how and want?! Bollocks! Go s*ck your own d**k or p***y if you can’t stand my grammar, English or way of blogging. Because I DON’T care what you think and I DON’T care if you think I’m leading a good/horrible/fake/real/down-to-earth/bimbotic life. THIS is my life and you’re not happy with it? F**k off!

Not a good role model eh? Ha~!!! Yea better watch out and don’t let your kids or boyfriends or parents read my blog because I might just screw their minds up! Your kids might become rapists; your boyfriends might fall in love with me and if they don’t, I will steal them away from you; your parents might divorce, your friends might think you’re such a d***head to be reading my blog.

Go find other bloggers and read their blogs because they write so hell well and bloodily better than me as they claim to be and so what, I never deny they can write and I never say I can be better than them but at least I’m more of a decent person to think ANYONE can write, can blog, can have a little space in the net to express ourselves, through words, pictures, drawings or photos. Be it that you have TERRIBLE English, Mandarin, Arabic…etc. It doesn’t matter. Blog is a mean to express ourselves and I have NEVER discouraged people from starting, writing and maintaining a blog even when they don’t update as often, don’t write as funny shit, or don’t have inspiration all the time.

Does it matter? Blog is MY way of releasing my stress, expressing my emotions and sometimes when I can’t find the words, I use pictures, photos, drawings to describe how I feel, or what I want you to see.

Want good journalism? Go read your local newspaper, b*tches.

End. (Feeling much better now. Phew)


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