Love Is In The Air

Working in Cyberjaya has one huge disadvantage. There aren’t many dining options in this area.
Seriously, ask anyone who work or stay in this area where do they usually dine. I can summarize all the ‘only’ places to eat here.

1. Old Town Café
2. Padi Restaurant
3. Alamanda mall
4. Jusco
5. Bus station

That’s it and that’s all.

I mean what the hell?! BUS STATION? Who goes to bus station to eat?! Cyberjaya has so limited restaurants we have to resort to bus station food stalls for lunch! It’s sad. Very sad.

Recently, I found a new place to resolve my lunch solution. It’s not too far like Alamanda Mall or Jusco; it’s an alternative to the usual-never-changing kopitiam (café) and food stalls; believe it or not, it’s the one and only petrol station in the whole of Cyberyjaya - Petronas! Yes! There is only ONE petrol station here. Yes! I am saying petrol station mini-mart is a great place to buy your (or my) everyday lunch.

Don’t underestimate this gas station; you can buy everything you need here from tampons to mineral water. It’s so useful!

Few days ago on one particular working day during one particular lunch time, I decided to spoil myself and my colleagues with some treats. So I drove out to our friendly nearby station to do a bit of little shopping.

And I saw this!


Hey what’s better to indulge on a hot sunny afternoon with some cold delicious ice creams!

I went in and opened the freezer box.


Ooo, all the new flavors. I was spoilt for choices.

I picked one flavour out - Cookies and cream.


Then I saw the chocolate flavour. So I picked that up too. Then there’s this blackforest flavor, ermm…. New flavour… Never tried.. ermm….


Omg, Tiramisu flavour, I had to try this!


Before I knew it.



Happily cashed them at the cashier, I drove back to office merrily.

I took out two flavours from my plastic bag.

Chocolate and Blackforest

I bet you think I will eat the chocolate flavour first!

NO! I beg to differ this time. I will eat the blackforest flavour first. (Save the best for last :p)

Thus I unwrapped my slightly melted Cornetto.


See me indulge in my lovely “Love you Berrryy much” cornetto.

So cold…

How do you normally eat your conned ice cream? After several bites, I decided to miss my chocolate. So I ate the ice cream like this.


The top flip of the ice cream wrapper bears a series code for a “Lurve Klicks” contest that was advertised on my Nuffnang banner few days ago.


And since Kenny and Timothy told me they have joined and formed a group, I thought, why not.

I heard you can dive with the sharks or win group dates in the “Lurve Klicks” bidding contest (I’ll dive with any shark than be desperate enough to go on blind dates, but hey, group blind dates sounds fun too). Not too sure of how that works since I only ever browse through that site for a nano-second (despite it being my ad >_<), and well, I have six ice creams in my hand…


After messing around the site for a while, I managed to create my own group and profile.

Ta da!!

profile with points
One ice cream for 100 points, 50 given when a group is created.

Okay, what’s next. *Lingers aimlessly around the site*


Right, so I need two more girls to join in my group so I can start playing as a group. Erm… any girl, lady, woman, aunty, grandma out there willing to join me? We can share lots of ice creams together? Or we can buy lots of ice creams and donate it and we collect the flips. :D


Continue redeeming points.

If you are wondering. NO, I DID NOT eat ALL the ice creams on my own!!


28 kissed Nicole

  1. I would like to eat the ice cream tooo ~~ Such freaky hott weather !! ><

  2. okay, i'm gonna try that..

  3. I bet u ate the ice cream urself u liar!

  4. the tiramisu one looks worth trying.

  5. I think I'll bump into you one of these days. Maybe you should try Taman Equine. There are some coffee shops there which sells chinese food. You might want to try them out one of these days. And there's also a McD in Taman Equine since you like fries so much, you might want to check it out too. (^^)

  6. hahaha.....just admit that you did lar!...6 ice-creams in one go is NOTHING!!! it'll only add 5pts to your BMI mah....hahahahaha

    neway, i wanna recommend this place for your makan. from cyber, head down to 'kajang' on the highway. when you reached 'serdang hospital' (on your left), look to the right across the highway, you should see the sign that says "NASI BRIYANI GAM, JOHOR" (or something lidat). It's just beside the fencing of UNITEN. Try to get yourself there, and you should be able to savor a nice hot plate of GOOD briyani! i recommend either beef/mutton.

  7. remind me of the add in the cinema where the girl sengaja bump into the guy to get to know him..hahaha....anything similar? LoL

    i bet u had a lot of sugar rush wonder so many entries.

  8. I am so going to try those!!!

  9. Hahaha!! that's alot of ice cream!!

  10. i love ice cream too....

  11. haha..joining...too bad..>.< I seldom, rarely-once in a blue moon, eat ice-cream, because I would feel so bad. Arghh.. I wish i can eat ice-cream whenever I want too!-without feeling guilty.

  12. I love the cookies and cream one

  13. you can actually check out dengkil for lunch....few tom yam shops, there is also a kopitiam and bak kut teh shop around there....

  14. how true finding good proper food in cyberjaya is such a daunting task !!! hahahahah

  15. Petronas...i thought petrol for lunch, ice-cream actually. lol

  16. Bought the ice-creams from the petrol station, right? Those are my favourite ice-creams too... Nice to eat them after going out in the hot Cyberjaya sun! =P

    By the way, other nice eating places you can go nearby are:

    1) Food Court in Putrajaya
    2) Jusco Equine Park, especially here since got lots of places to eat here =P

  17. hmmm.. how about trying the following?

    1. Ericson - their inhouse cafe serves good food.. but.. can be quite expensive sometimes. They serve different type of food on different day. Certain days Indian food, certain days western. Also very nice environment with some lounge/world music. And if you're leng lui.. they'll probably give you ice-cream on the house ;) howzat? :p

    2. Next to CIMB bank/opposite of Maybank (I can't remember the name of the building).. there's a nice Indian restaurant that serves nice Indian Vegetarian food at a very reasonable price. Try their Mango lassi - blend with real mango :p~

    3. Street Mall - your so-called bus-station. There's a 'Penang House' there for Penang food.

    4. Limkokwing - not so recommended :p But if you love durian.. go to their Wings Cafe for Durian Smoothie.. damn shiok. Most ppl will think it's weird .. but.. I think most durian lovers love it. They also got Durian Egg Tart and Durian Coffee (yes... they like durian so much?? :p) Their nasi lemak also not bad...and can buy Nestle ice-cream for RM2 = 2 big scoops.

  18. haha i agree .. in cyberjaya there is so limited food to eat .. why not try going further to seri kembangan and have a dinner at gasoline ? it's pretty good! must try the thai tofu .. yum! ..

    haha .. bus station.. eh the food not bad ma .. especially the auntie stall ..

    or you can come to mmu to eat .. or next to mmu.. cyberia there got mamak .. and indonesia cafe .. somewhere there la. .

  19. ice cream for lunch... that's new ;)

  20. You forgot to mention Ericsson Cafeteria as a place to eat western and eastern food

  21. Hong: hot isn't it? Global warming sucks

    Eric: must try, i reccomend the chocoalate flavor

    Vince: la di da

    iwan c.m.n.: tiramisu a... i think cookies and cream nicer

    Zagary: where is that? bring me there...! and i'm swearing off fries for a LONG time!

    sebol: haha.. nice line

    chang sheon: 5 pts.. bu hu hu.. fat fat fat

    jiahun: me? yea.. quite a lot.. inspiration none stop

    Clare: yea.. welcome to my lurve kliks group!

    Boss Stewie: become a girl and join my group!

    Frank: yea.. scary isn't it.. i shud really stop buying stuff in bulks.

    Michael Song: hagan Daaz...

    Xiao Ni: i still can't belive u lost 30kg, how did u do it!

    AmazeOther: yea yea

    BJ: dono how to go wo...

    changeiam: ya lo..

    whisperingshout: it's a new era

    Eng Seng: very far wooo Jusco

    JC: I tried Ericsson yesteray!! SO NICE!! I dono why everyone keep telling me it's expensive. I thought the price was alright

    Jazlyn: coz by the time i find my way back to the office, it'll probably be the next day (i'm so bad with roads!) my mom always tease me, "you can travel across europe alone but you can't find your way around KL?"

    domhon: haha

    Willar: yum yum, bring me there again

  22. hehe.. so fast go try out Ericsson already? I think expensive or not depends how much of food you take :p You just feel like it's 'chap fan'.. and then the man tell you it's RM12 for it. But I love the food there.

    Oh.. today found a new place (not sure how new it is). G Thai Restaurant at Streetmall (next to Penang House). Quite nice neh... a meal for below RM10.

  23. dont be paranoid lar already look excellent the way you are now!!!!

  24. I find your blog thoroughly interesting, especially your videos. You must receive a whole lot of visits!

    Out of curiosity, mind disclosing your adsense revenue?


  25. You can go to dengkil and eat. Its only 10 mins away and you can eat many delicious and cheap chinese food.

  26. owh no.. Cornetto is trying to promote obesity!!!
    ahahaha, and u got the icegoddesss on it tooo ahhahaha...
    but yeah.. omgomgomg gotta bid for the girl in pink bikini on the main ad!! :P