I Saw A Traumatizing Accident

On my way to work this morning.

The motorcycle was thrown to one side and the body some distance away further up, or down as I was coming on the other side of the road.

While driving to work, I passed this motorbike that was lying sideways on the road and the first thought that came to mind was: “oh, another accident.”

But as I drove up a little further, I saw something lying on the ground, next to the dividing platform that usually separates the roads, laid a figure. For that split second, I thought it was a road kill of some sort. But a closer glance at it, it appeared a little too big to be any sort of animal, it was then I realised a human was lying on the road just meters away from my car.

If my eyes weren’t playing tricks, I think I saw both of his legs were dislocated because they weren’t attached correctly to the body. The face and body of this man (should be a guy judging from the masculine features) were facing downward so I couldn’t identify of what ethnicity he belongs to.

For a short moment, I was stunned. As I continue driving like what seems to be 30 seconds, I picked up my phone and called 999.

As the freaking slow line was directing me to the ambulance department, I made a U-turn further down and return to the scene. I informed the ambulance about the location of the accident and hoped they can be quick about it, as the man didn’t seem to be giving signs of being alive.

When I arrived, I pulled my car over at the side but no body was at sight, the motorcycle has been adjusted to stand. Villagers from nearby were gathering. I saw a car across the road and assume the body has been carried into the car and away to a nearby hospital.

There was nothing much I could do. The helmet that was previously on the ground has been put into the basket of the motorbike, and from the helmet screen, I see splashes of blood within the helmet. The head must be terribly injured.


The number plate of the motorcycle is NAR 59. If anyone knows the owner or relatives of this motorcycle, please be kind enough to inform the immediate family. The accident of the location was somewhere off Bandar Puteri Puchong, right in front of the Koi Tropika Condominium.


13 kissed Nicole

  1. Yay first!!!666

  2. You did the right thing. Hope the victim survives.

    This may sound selfish, but..its true: If there are not many witnesses to the accident, and if the victim is a motorcyclist...its dangerous if you just stop your car and go down to help. somebody might just think you rammed into the motorcyclist, and if the victim belonged to a gang, hell will break loose.

  3. misha 3rd hehehehe .. jiejie RINGO also comes her *wink**wink*

  4. ops
    also comes here!

  5. drive safe, wear seatbelt

  6. ringo: yay!! I never knew u read my blog before this. LOL

    sheon: i was so traumatized that I left my credit card at the shell petrol station credit card slot 2 minutes after leaving that place. o.O

    misha: long time no see you

    michael song: i finished ur chocolates d. meow

  7. around Koi Tropika Condominium.
    how smart can you get...gurl?
    you might be simple or naive but the world isn't.
    good luck to you & god bless the man!

  8. wb misha hohoho..

    its so easy to see an accident in Malaysia nowadays that we're so used to at least watching it and feel nothing. Nice effort there nicole. I would've done nothing and just left :(

  9. hello iwan YEAH ... I AM BACK hehehe:)

  10. Hope the guy makes it. Good effort Nicole.

  11. Drive safe, drift safe. =)

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  13. May god bless this man. Also saw an accident last week... involving a bike and a car in front of Wardieburn camp, Setapak . Called the police and hopefully that he is ok. So how was da donuts ??? Hmm..Mike never save some for me...u r so lucky ??? Fancy some Taiwanese chocolates ????