Japanese Blogger

Seriously, blogging has never been more difficult.

Japanese Blogger

Blardy hell, everything is in Japanese! The menu is in Japanese, the underground signs are in Japanese, even the panty vending machine is in Japanese!! (don't ask me how I know)

Thanks to my habitual blogging lifestyle, I have grown used to blogger so that I don't need to look at blogspot to understand how to 'create post' or 'save' and 'publish'.

Ahh, Japan!

Finally! I am here!

I used to think travelling across 2 countries on 4 buses over a stretch of 32 hours was crazy.

Now I can conclude that travelling in between 3 countries on 3 different airlines crossing 5 cities (that includes Krabi, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka and Tokyo) in the pass 24 hours definitely tops my chart of insanities.

What's more. I don't remember sleeping more than 12 hours over the pass 5 days!

Hello to all from sleepless Tokyo!

Blogger singing off in Jap.

jap save message

No pun intended.


37 kissed Nicole

  1. Turnin' Japanese, I think you're turnin' Japanese I really think so!

  2. no offence but i think japanese are.. stuck up.. wlel kinda.

  3. This should brings smile back to your face :)

    Follow this step

    1. "Tools" - "Internet Options"
    2. "Languages" button
    3. Move "English" to top most (If it doesn't exist, add using the "Add" button)
    4. Refresh the page


  4. Someone already posted in the chatbox. Obviously I am sleepy :)

  5. LOL,
    u got to love japan

  6. Easy lar.. just click on the six link (language) at the bottom to change your language settings ^_^

  7. but i think the log box already listed down (Y) - YES (N) - NO gua..everything u have to agak agak lor furthermore that if you want fully into english i guess you need to use OS cd to install the language pack or u go to google to search for english pack for XP lo~

  8. LOL

    Jap blogger..!!! i would just have given up blogging :P

  9. i guess it's time you blog in hiragana and kanji - for a change.

  10. zul of chelsea: u always first to comment, eating snake at work huh...

    Patricia: they are? in what way?

    whisperer: can't work either, need OS cd

    Stellix: am loving the food!

    FeiJi: tried... :(

    sebol: what is l10n?

    VLADIMIR: yea.. I went through most of them guessing

    Boss Stewie: no you wouldn't, you're more dedicated than I am, lol

    theo: er...はい?

  11. are u stopping at nagoya??

    if yes try the miso soup and ogura toast... and chicken wing

    my friend from japan give this info, crapzz, i havent even try those yet

  12. Ogenki desuka !!! Well the same thing happened to me while I was in Gerany and Italy !!! Have to memorize the buttons !!!!

  13. Use Firefox browser instead. Only less than 6MB to download.

  14. Any sign of Ultraman yet?

  15. Nicole, what on earth is "eating snake at work"??? OK, you've either just paid me a huge compliment or insulted me with accusations of homosexuality! either way, I have absolutely no clue what "eating snake at work" is! it sounds kinda gross...

    enlighten me, anyone?

    Also, I was at home la when I posted the comment...The time of my comment is 11.58 pm, which is a rather preposterous time for me to still be in the office. Only a person "eating snake" would be in the office till 11.58pm, right? :)

  16. working till 1158pm? try beat mine--5am.

  17. 5am???Whoa! I bow to your insane work hours, sheon :) well, the consolation is you get to sleep in the afternoon, right? unless you're a cyborg la...hahaha

  18. If you know how to speak Chinese you can at least guess the meaning of instructions presented in Japanese. Some Japanese words are borrowed from Chinese! Haha!

  19. Hi Nicole,

    I've been reading your blog since an article abt u was published in The Star. :)
    It's been very entertaining and honest :)
    Oya, may I know how much u spent for the trip to Japan? Thanks, and keep up the good work, gal!

  20. wkakwak...funny but nice post

  21. hi...nicole...intrstng post...hehe..

  22. hello Nicle...ahaks... i'm looking n searching to know a blogger from Japan..and i found urs, u r not Japanese rite... but maybe we have the same passion... want to be there ! Japan...hahaha... correct me if i'm wrong...anyway... have a great weekend

  23. nice blog...and keep posting...

  24. I didn't know there was a Blogger Japan! that's really neat.
    hope you're enjoying Japan :)

  25. Have a nice posting,,this is can give my knowledge..so tan'ks you my friends

  26. Happy blogging...
    Keep spirit n success

  27. Would anyone here recommend an overnight bus from Tokyo Kyoto? I think it would be a good experience / time saver, but do you have any thoughts in particular?

  28. hello Nicle...ahaks... i'm looking n searching to know a blogger from Japan..and i found urs, u r not Japanese rite... but maybe we have the same passion... want to be there ! Japan...hahaha... correct me if i'm wrong...anyway... have a great weekend - astaga.com lifestyle on the net

  29. It seem difficult for me,,,,,,,,,,

  30. japan is so awesome!
    i want to go there someday.
    i love their accents when they talk, its sooo hawt.
    heres my blog--->aishiterruze.blogspot.com

  31. Nice post...
    was here visiting from Indonesia.

  32. Nice post, happy blogging

  33. Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

    I would appreciate if a staff member here at nicolekiss.blogspot.com could post it.