I’m having PMS! Durians! PMS!

I don’t feel like working

I don’t feel like blogging

I don’t feel like doing anything!

*grumble grumble grumble*

And suddenly I have this craving for durians! King of Fruits!

So screw fasting, I don’t care, I have PMS, I have the right to nag and complain and have things my way. Don’t care don’t care don’t care…. *whine whine whine*

Hence I went to SS2 for some durians session yesterday after work.

Remember that corner stall beside the furniture shop where people can choose and sit and eat durians on the spot? As I approached the stall, I felt myself entering this dome of aroma that shouted “Good Durians Here!” Heaven awaits.

dom sitting on the far left

This stall has been here for years. The first time I visited KL when I was young, they were here. And now they are still here. Only nicer looking, more organised, and even have their own website!


The durians sold here aren’t cheap, but they are sure delicious. You get 100% guaranteed good durians here. So in my opinion, I think it’s worth every single cent!

We took a seat and they took two 101 durians for us. (D101 is the sweetest type of durian. I like sweet, hate bitter; I don’t care if you say durians are meant to be eaten bitter, my taste buds tell me otherwise.)

skilled hands opening durians

Gosh, my cravings kicked in and I could barely contain myself.


The color,


The texture,


We spent the whole night finishing two humongous durians. It was heavenly, smelly, but heavenly.

Okay, now back to my fast. Shut up.

If you think RM12 per kg is too expensive, you can always opt for cheaper option.


Want durians?


27 kissed Nicole

  1. wow...I've never seen someone so down yet so cheerful while having PMS...erm, enjoy your durians nicole, but if you're planning a massive durian party(like the french fries one), count me out! ;)

  2. You sounded tired..maybe too much fasting :P

    wow..the durian..the durian. Who need fasting when there is such durian :D

  3. D101 at RM10 for 3?! I'm so going there............
    i like bitter sweet......ok lar ok lar......i admit i like sweet too lar.....

  4. D101 is actually "high compatibality" durian.

    for power one, try "D24" or "XO"

    tak payah beli banyak durian "branded", beli 1 D101, 1 D24 1 XO"

  5. damn it.... i feel like having some now!

  6. sebol: what about "holo"? the other day, my supplier brought some to my office....gosh...the taste is heavenly!!!! then the other i was hiking up a waterfall at some hills near cheras there....there were some durian trees along the path...then found a durian fruit on the ground.. took it and ate it without hesitation....WOW!!!! SUPER!!!!

  7. i tot pms having chocolate is suppose to be better :P

  8. Zul of Chelsea: someone is saying no to durian? gee

    whisperingshout: where got fast? not yet started.. .tomorrow tomorrow, period cannot fast

    chang sheon: no la.. 101 is RM12 per KG, the RM10 for 3 is kampung durians i think.

    sebol: I only eat 101!

    SLACKER: go go !!

    clement: this is why it's a sudden crave

  9. RM12/kg......ouch.... i'll go to jungle and see if i can get summore free durians...

    wah...so picky.....only 101.... for me, as long as its durian. everything goes.. muahahahaha

  10. no durians for me... keke...

  11. hi nicole! u make me crave durians now when i can't get them... *sigh*


  12. dang you nicole......i cant knock that durian image off my head since morning!! now i have to go find a durian liao.....see ... see.... see what you did nicole...........argh.......

  13. taman negara trip!! i prefer reading about travel rather than durians..

  14. Hmm, durian... Made me remember of Muar's durian. Besides 101, I ate 'red pawn', 'XO' (yeap, it really tasted like XO), and the 'kampung durian'... hmm... I would like to go there again butta unfortunately I forget where is it already.

    The other place for good 'kampung durian' is somewhere on the way to Cameron Highland.

    I shall not eat, fasting... *from inner voice of mine*. haha...

  15. and always have durian with alcohol... bwahahaha!!!!!

    no no seirously.. i think it's a myth that durian and alcohol can kill u thing... so many of my friends drink beer and eat durian at the same time and tehy're still walking this earth

  16. nothing beats durian, i want Tan Cheng Lock durian cendol, or hunt for durian ice cream or durian bomb in pj state... yummy yummy... and the burp fr the after durian makan... one word FANTASTIC!!!!

  17. Yummy,,, i am craving for that too. =)

  18. There's a tale about how durian comes from. When ChengHo came to Tanah Melayu, he had a urge to pang sai. So he was decent enough not to simply pang sai on the ground. So he wrapped them in a cloth and tie it up on a tree. There comes the durian. Hahaha...

  19. wa... annie... so disgusting tale of durian...

  20. Durians are good for passing bowels too! *rubs tummy*

  21. boss stewie: beer is cooling lar... so beer and durian combo is 'safe'. however, hard liquor is not! one of my buddies' father died during a game of badminton, after he consumed durians and had some shots to down it with. apparently he had a hemorrhage.

  22. urgh.....
    durian cravings :( but by the time im back in malaysia, durian season over. NicNic! save some in the fridge for me!!

    *runs off to the gelati shop for durian flavoured icecream*

  23. u sure so cheap durians can taste that good ah???

  24. Nicole Nicole!
    im loving your blog!

  25. Wah, sakit mata! But bohpien...
    Mine is not showing yet.

  26. suddenly everyone has cravings for some durian !!! hahahaha the d101 surely looks delicious