Taman Negara - Back to Nature?

I am going to Japan!!! I am going to JAPAN!!


Three days ago I was holding a stack load of documents in my hand waiting anxiously for my number to roll in in the Japan Embassy located at Persiaran Stonor, KL.

And today…(technically it’s already yesterday, but I’m not in bed yet, so it still today)

my japan visa!

Ta da!!!!… I finally got my visa! It’s a confirm trip!

It now only takes 3 WORKING DAYS to get your Japan Visa!!! Isn’t that awesome?!

I am going to Japan on the 24th, that’s next week Friday. Right after my Krabi and Phuket trip from 21st to 24th.

OMG OMG OMG, Japan!! My lifelong dream is finally realizing!

Alright, back to the topic. 24 people, six cars, one destination. When I visited Taman Negara (National Park) trip last weekend, I didn’t know it would take so long to reach the largest preserved national park in Peninsular Malaysia.

There are few entrances to the rainforest. Two most popular entrances, if coming from the south, are Kuala Tahan (by land) and Kuala Tembeling (by river). We opted for the former (faster).

Some six hours of dreadful driving and two rest stops later, we found ourselves driving in pitch dark in the middle of a jungle along a narrow winding road. For another hour and half, with no road signs, coming car lights or street lights in view, we were getting restless and slightly worried.

It was then a large signboard became visible as we drove nearer. The signboard was clearly worn out, mainly due to long term weather damage and lack of maintenance, the wordings on the board were fading, barely visible; but still readable: “Taman Negara 15 minutes ahead”.

The sun rose as we approached the river side. It was perfect timing.

long windy road
Morning at Kuala Tahan

This journey will take you back into nature, to the primitive stage where people travel on water, not land.

rapid shooting
Main Transportation in Taman Negara, other than feet

tmn negara
View from across the river

taman negara!
Posing in front of the national park sign

Here you will find constructions that are so primordial; they don’t need cost building it.

crossing the river
Small river bridge

Don’t be alarmed to see some wild animals roaming the streets here though.

Little tigress, roarrr....

Don’t have to worry, they don’t usually disturb human.

the back of a cat
Minding my own business

Despite being primal, technologies and comforts remain important roles among the human race. It’s part of our everyday lives.

internet cafe in the jungle?
my saviour

Even in the jungle, you'll find a bit of modernity within.

comfort in the forest
Sofa on a tree?

Sometimes, we human get so disgustingly attached to comfort of the modern world. Contraption such as this is created.

luggage machine
Luggage escalator

I mean come on!!!

Carry your own bag for heaven’s sake, we’re in the middle of the jungle! Can’t you live without a bell boy for once?! Get rid of your five star services already.

Seriously! If I can be sure of one thing, there is NOTHING more ridiculous than a luggage escalator in the middle of the jungle!

That is,

until I see this,

astro on ground

........ -.-


38 kissed Nicole


    I M 1st.

    I LOVE U....

  2. Rumor has it that little tigresses hunt and eat humans at night, and bury the remains by day. They usually burrow their fangs down into your flesh by the neck and suck your blood dry first. You die of excruciating pain. Puuuuuuurrrrr................ hahahahahahahahaa

    Congratulations on getting a japanese visa.
    Notice the condo infront of Japanese Embassy? Nice eh...? one of the most expensive in town....

  3. wow.. i wanna go japan too..

    the last pic very funny.. hahaha..

  4. wowow youre going japan, i hope to go next year. i cant believe youre younger than i am, but its cool that youre using youre time to travel, its the only way to live :D

  5. hahaha the astro dish so cute..looks like it's squatting down

  6. wow you sure are travelling the world huh ?? where to next ??

  7. Hmmm. If you go to Tokyo that weekend, must see the Koenji Awaodori! Lots of infectious beats and silly dancing and beer. Google it for more deets.

    Koenji is on the west side of Tokyo just past Shinjuku.

  8. 私は日本によい旅行を有し、あなたの滞在をそこに楽しむためにことを望む。

  9. HAHahAHHAHAa Astro on the rocks!

    I've "been to" Japan too!
    nice place

  10. Wow! Japan! That's great. Enjoy your trip. :)

  11. wah....u just started to work already got so many off days ar?

    no need to work meh? hmmmm....

    anyways, enjoy yr trip!

  12. wow... same entrance to TN. Stayed in the small small house or the hotel there?

  13. Saya cukup suka betul gambar "Internet" itu

    & rail untuk beg


  14. 3 days for visa approval is S-L-O-W.
    US embassy takes only 1 day.

  15. opppss .. can comment as anon already?

  16. haha..internet is name for a wooden hut in taman negara ya. no wonder i often lost my way when surfing.

    Maybe astro works better when partially buried. There is a lot to learn from your trip, nicole. tq

  17. Nice to know you're all perky again after feeling so down. :) Have fun in Japan!

  18. jiejie nic .. you hv resigned from your job alraedy ?

  19. XoX: i love u too, whoever u are

    sheon: yea, one day i wanna buy a land there. ONE DAY

    ahlost: hehe... japan!!!

    Paul V: how old are you? age is not what defines a person.

    Boss Stewie: is it? i tot it looked something sticking out :p

    changeiam: haha.. after japan is hanoi

    abraxis: wa....... i'm going osaka first. :( dun think can make it for the fest u mentioned

    waddafak: i can read... watashiwa nihonni yoi ..... anatano... ???? haha.. u are a traveller in japan or u've travelled to japan?

    Gerald Cheong: wow.. everyone been to Japan it seems

    Wimal: thanks!

    Anon: no la.. quit d.. lol

    Kenny: stay in motel, me poor ppl

    sebol: hehe

    Anon: last time it took 2 weeks

    Anon: yes

    whisperer: errr.. tq too? lol

    kennysia: thanks for calling to check me up :)

    Misha: ya lo.... lol

  20. Land around the vicinity of KLCC all sold out dee lor....i have a friend whois a big time land banker, lemme know if you have millions to spare. ehehhee........ the condo infront (near) jap embassy is suria stonor, i built its foundation. by the time i left that project mid 2005, its going rate is rm950/ft2. the most expensive is the troika, beside nikko hotel, but the project is temporarily stalled becoz of approval issues, the going rate in 2006 is rm1200/ft2

    hey nicole, you changing job? dun tell me you are actually heading to japan for a job interview!! are you?

  21. O_O!!!!!! ASTRO satellite dish?!?!?!?!!?! SWT SWT

  22. japan is awesome. enjoy your stay there.

  23. have fun in japan! tell me if u need any help; i work there. =)

  24. While you're in Japan, could you get me Ultraman's autograph please?

  25. OMG!... r u serious??

    ur name is SHU CHYI???

    my name is SHU CHYI too!!! OMG!!!

    jz different surname la haha...

    wat's ur chinese name???

    omg omg omg... xD

  26. bell-pepper .. hahaha . you are SOOOO funnie ... shu chyi is her chinese name lar .. aiyooo .... are you a malaysian chinese or what? cannot even differentiate the name ? sigh

  27. anon, bell pepper was asking for the chinese characters. shu chyi is the hanyupinyinised version of her name...

    btw what's that last picture? i don't get it. a satellite dish?

  28. sheon: erm erm.. give me 20 years time, hard to say... LOL

    Anon: haha.. cute right

    biggu: yea.. looking forward to it!

    Mark: really? where do u work? i wanna KK from Tokyo! LOL

    Des: er..if... i can... meet him.. lol

    ...:[beLL-pEpPer]:...: o.. hi long lost sister. lol

    Anon: yea i'm malaysian chinese, i wish i am a drop dead gorgeous eurasian, but i'm not

    Anon: yea it's a channel satellite dish

  29. Good luck! Do remember to post up loads of photos!

  30. dun be silly lar nicole...you dun have to be an eurasian to be drop dead gorgeous lar!

    i reckon 8 outta 10 of your readers would agree that you are pretty darn hot yourself!!!

  31. .. can tag along? :P

    ei that Astro satellite really geng.

  32. Baggage lift in Taman Negara??? goodness me... why that huge luggage in the first place?!?!?!

    bet they have room service too! ehhe...

  33. It is still pretty hot and humid in Japan now, but you'll be enjoying the fun.


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  34. Hope you'll have a great time in Japan. I just returned from a 5-week trip there not long ago. It is a truly amazing and beautiful place. Here is a collection of photos taken during my trip, if you're interested - http://www.flickr.com/photos/linda-l/collections/72157600000046585/

  35. isn't it funny how there's a floating mamak/restaurant right across from the main entrance?
    certainly didn't expect to see it there

  36. wa so nice , you get to drive on that newly paved road.... I've been going there the whole entire year , on a lousy road with holes bigger than your tyre..

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  38. wow..been there many years ago also but sure they have more facilities now.

    I am almost bored with Japan life d..:(

    come find me if you free..haha