I'm off again!

Tonight, I will be departing to Taman Negara for a weekend getaway with, get this, TM CLUB. LOL. To be exact, it is 20 Malay people and maybe just one Chinese - me. But let’s just cross our fingers that they’ll be more than one Chinese in the group or I’ll probably be mumbling most of the time to myself in English and fumbling most of the time to the jungle in Malay.

Yo, I’m the white among the black yo…

Well, at least I’m finally going somewhere now. Hah! Always wanted to go to Taman Negara, never had the chance, so the day I heard about this trip organized by some human resource department (that has no relation to me or my dept), I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

I’m such a sucker for traveling.

Come on, RM95 for a weekend trip, inclusive of all. Who wouldn’t!!

Let me look at my check-list provided:

1. All your personal items (erm…. Does that include tampons?)
2. Shower cream, tooth paste, toothbrush, shampoo
3. Towel & face towel
4. Sleeping bag
5. Flip-flops
6. Gloves
7. Torch light (for Night jungle walk)
8. Personal Medication/Ointments
9. Attire for out-door activities with casual shoes (don’t wear leather shoes or high heels)
10. Camera (Optional) (License RM5 per Camera)
11. Fishing rod (Optional) (License RM20 per Rod)
12. Etc (you may add this list but No.1 to 9 are strongly recommended)

Right, so I have 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10. Errr.. the rest… errr… oh well.. I’ll find a way. I can always sleep under leaves or catch some fireflies and put in a plastic bag for my jungle walk. I’ll survive. :D

On another note, the “Stupid Thing I Do” this month which I declared I would do last week, was…. A total failure.

Damn, not only I was dining at some of the most prestigious places in KL (thanks to Timothy and friends and some of my pals), I found myself whooping down some sinfully butt kicking delicacies

San Francisco Steakhouse black pepper beef

And desserts,

Tony Rama’s Chocolate Avalanche

Starbucks Banana Chocolate Pie

And have friends who bring back ‘souveniers’ from their oversea trips.

Pocky Pocky Tira-miss-u

Woo hoo, Godiva!

(Thanks to Zul and Dom for bringing me chocolates despite knowing my fast, argh!).

Next week! Next week I shall fast!!!!!

I will!!


Damn it, what must I say to prove my point!!

Argh!! Why won’t you believe me!!

*grumble* *walk to fridge for a Godiva*


22 kissed Nicole

  1. i'm the first yay! and i believe you :)

  2. Aiyak! Almost first.. Haha. Anyways, another thing you should have in the jungle is a knife. And if you don't want to get too friendly with the leeches, salt is highly recommended. Hehe. Hope you have a blast. Looking forward to your next post. Take lots of pictures!

  3. yeah takes lotsa pictures there.I'm a lover of the green.love to go to Taman Negara one day though.anyway,have a great weekend!

  4. You are paid RM95 to feed the mosquitoes using your blood? :P

    Have a safe trip & enjoy yourself.

  5. jiejie nic

    do enjoy yourself there!!!

  6. i guess u must have arrived taman negara now... i tot of warning you with the damn kao monsterous, crazy, gazillion LEECHES they have in taman negara.... they attack human like nobody's business.. if u go hiking and such, i would advise to bring something to get rid of the leeches... but then again, i guess u r off already...

    I went to taman negara once and i hate it...because of the Leeches... they bite and suck any part of the body that they can get tru to... even with thick socks, thick shoes ad etc... they can somehow manage to get tru and bite u! eeeee...disgusting...

    but then again, have fun in Taman Negara... probably u will enjoy it more than i do...

    Take Care!

  7. watch out for leeches nicole. i'm serious, look really closely to make sure they dun hide in obscure places....
    have safe fun ya!

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  9. NICOLE! I NEVER EVER thought i'll get a comment from u.. Aww.. u brighten my day :) I'll seldom on for now but still kinda hope that u'll check out my blog. ;)

  10. TMN Negara? wow, that is really a nice place, I have been there once, a great traveling experience for me. Oh ya, you may see wild animal if you are lucky and if you happened to see one, use your 'RM5 license' immediately.

    RM 95 ?!?! That is absolutely cheap, I paid a hundred something for that trip.

  11. How's the Lucky Draw for Apr 2007 : Playstation Portable (PSP)?


  12. Ive been to a Rakan Muda (Rakan Rekreasi) Camp before... there were like 50 participants, one of them chinese (my friend) and me, a eurasian.. thats it.
    My bahasa Melayu did improve a lot tho after 1 week of camping. The cook only cooked such little food everyday, we were so hungry that we had to steal sugar from the cook's tent to eat! Kept saying they were saving for the ig bash on the last day, and on the last day there was Waaaayyyy too much food! :(

  13. Sorry typo, I mean Big bash..
    Anyway, ive never been to Tmn Negara, but I hope they have proper toilets and bathrooms for you... we had to shower in the river, we showered upstream and the girls showered downstream, so all our dirt flowed down to them!! :P

  14. mouth-watering foods.. gosh.. i am hungry again.. LOL!

  15. "the white among the black?"...
    I find it racist n offensive...

  16. yin fung,
    It's not racist lah. I think it's a very valid emphasis of the difference. No reference to anything nor which color is better or whatsoever.

  17. ooooooooo.. the steak looks beautifully done :S
    dammmit!!!.... but im too fussy about my steak.. ive never found the perfect steak yet :( not even after 3 years in beefy ol melbourne!!

  18. I like travelling too. But, hiking and jungle trekking is just not my type. I would prefer enjoying myself with less hectic schedule.

  19. kiyun: haha.. thanks!!!

    Bubaks: THanks for the advice, but luckily didn't get blood-sucked :D

    Orange Armada: oo... i love greeneries too! Back to nature!! I took quite a few photos.

    whisperingshout: yea, each cost RM50

    Misha: thanks darling!

    sebol: ada ke? i thought they attract nyamuk?

    princessladyjane: haha... fortunately i was spared of those creatures. Somehow they didn't attacked any of us while we went swimming in the river. And I totally enjoyed myself!

    chang sheon: obscure places huh.. eh hem.. inside ur pants?

    CrYsTaLiCiouS: u have a cute blog, update more :D

    Kenny: I saw a deer... late at night, some 50 meters away from me. RM5 masuk longkang. haha

    Hotel Booking Pro: still on my table, lol

    Russ: ooo.. sounds fun!! I am going to conquer gunung tahan soon, what requires 8-10 days of trekking and camping and bathing in the rivers. HOHO

    xing: yea me too.. damn...

    Simon Templar: kui yao

    ~Yin Fung~: is it? maybe i shud say, chest-nut among the chocolates?

    WiLZC: the steak from san francisco steakhouse is the best!! YUM YUM

    James: yea... i like adventures sometimes... but not all the time

  20. hahaa...you think i'm kidding ar? my dad was a seasoned hiker.....he's seen leeches sucking and breeding away in some of the 'strangest' places! the solution...(albeit a little late)....is spray baygon aerosol on your shoes and pants....