Fries anyone?

Taking a break from travelling. I have spent my time at home regenerating from over-travelling since my Kuching trip, and also trying to cope with work at the same time.

Life’s not easy.

I realised when one, such as me, stays at one spot for too long, I will eventually lose it.

This is best illustrated by my sudden decision to have a ‘fries gathering/party’ at my humble crib last week. So last Friday, I went shopping for the “party”. (I hate calling it party; I prefer the term gathering)

Which is also why I have created a label -Stupid Things I Do, specially for occasions like this. Yep, I'm sure this is not my last time.

Back to the 'party', I visited our friendly local supermarket Giant in Puchong after work last friday to look for my supplies for the ‘party’.

First, I stopped here.


Then I stopped here,


Rm11.90. Erm, a bit too expensive for some papers don’t you think?

Then I saw these at one corner.


Ahh, perfect. Just what I need.

So I got these two.


What are fries without sauce to dip in? I like my fries with Mayonese. Lots of them!



Err, cheap, but never tried this brand before. It looks so dodgy. -.-

Then I was really tempted to get one of these.


But in the end, I’d settled for this.

Trusty old lady’s choice mayo

And camwhore a bit while at it.


Time to check out.


Back at home. I laid out the accessories I bought.


After some cutting and folding and taping.

I made this.


Yup, it’s big enough to fit a human being. No I’m serious. It can fit.

Don’t believe?


You never said I couldn’t bend down.

While busy fussing over my nice paper bag, there was a knock on the door.

So I went to open it.

Special delivery~~~
from left: Fai and Dominic

Ho ho, guess what it is?



Muahaha… fries and more fries…

Solved the puzzle yet?

Click to watch the video to watch the largest Shaker French Fries ever shaken!

Note: Do not scroll down till you finish the video.


In the end, we got so sick of fries, we recruited backup to the ‘party’ to join forces. After what seems like endless hours of eating, I could have sworn the mountain of fries didn’t even reduce a bit!!! I swear!!!!

from left: Gerald, Justina, Alvin, Clare, Fai, Nicole and Zul

I am not touching another fries for at least 1 year!


59 kissed Nicole

  1. Yay! I've popped your entry's cherry.

  2. After watching this video, I think a few of my vegetarian friends will consider eating meat again.

    I can only eat fries when they're warm and not manhandled.

    Btw, you still don't look fat. Could it be because you're so tall or that your clothes are too big.

  3. i think u r childish and nuts!

    wasting money buying the fries...played with it...getting high...getting attentions..ate a few fries then throw it away!

    how to eat those fries with that much seasoning and it's cold and hard? hmm...

  4. You're nuts! So much fries! Looks like mealworms you get from pet shop. hahhaa.....

    you would need at least 25ppl to finish off THAT amount of fries!

  5. i doubt u will not touch fries in a year... really siao...

  6. OMG!!! No wonder you are putting on weight!

  7. First anon: Just so you know, the fries are meant to be seasoned and shaked that way. The seasoning was given by McD and we did not even finish it.

    Nicole: I am not touching fries for a few months to come!!! I am gonna puke!!! LOL...

  8. that... is... really... stupid...


    I like it!! Wowowo!! Super gigantic shaker fries' packet!! It will look better if there is a golden ache on that 'paaaket'.

  9. Me, at least 2 years!!!
    Thanks Nicole!

  10. Kinda weird party you guys having?! Can't believe it!

  11. I expected the bag to burst and the fries to spill all over the room..then, i can burst out laughing. Ceehh..what a disappointing ending..haha

    7/8 persons attacked 30 packets of fries? You people should be jailed for fries abuse. lol

  12. malaysia mmg boleh lah!

    great stuff!

  13. LOL, now that's one party I would like to attend.. Fries rule. Nicole, I dub thee, the Lord of the Fries.

  14. with more fries,u will get even fatter nicole XD

  15. hope you finished all the fries.
    if not, think of hungry children in 3rd world countries.
    at the expense of getting attention, that is the LAMEST idea.
    not funny at all.

  16. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm sure you are very nobel to donate all your money to the 3rd world country kids every month, if not, you won't be here bashing Nicole for having a little fun.

    Dear Anonymous above,

    I am sure you are fatter than her, else you won't be hiding behind an Anonymous name even when no one can see you on the net.

  17. You should have done this at a Childrens's home or something. The kids would have loved it, and the fries would really have done some good.....

  18. as long as you and mates happy lor.. and that is creative.

    only one thing..

    ...just keep that white jersey guy away from us..!!

  19. aiyo, some of you critics are too much. I counted 6 guests + nicole, I'm sure fries din go to waste.

    Nicole, ur seriously hot. I'll shake ur fries 4u anytime

  20. you should put kennysia in a paper bag & shake him around until he's dizzy...then let him out & make him eat all the unwanted left over fries drenched in toilet water...that should cure his obsession of you...

    on another can you be on target to lose 10kg when you keep stuffing your face like this? on second thoughts better have sex with me to help you lose all that weight...

  21. nice stunts !!..
    mountains of fries. what a creative.

  22. Aww, it's rare for me to eat fries, hope you had fun Nicole !

  23. wah lau! i'm a fries fanatic.. especially mcD's fries.. u should ask me to come!! i'd b happy to 'help' u finish the fries.. hehe..

  24. Wow..sometimes u come out with a siau idea like that makes me adore u..muaahaha!

  25. first time come to ur blog... and saw this crazy thing...

    nice one, im so going to do that when i go back msia


  26. This is the most stupid idea. You must be absolutely bored and have no imagination to resort to this.

  27. the feast of 'fries' will never be the same again... with nicole :).. yeahhh

  28. an UNFORGETABLE experience ;)

  29. very creative. strange, but creative nonetheless..

  30. Hi Nicole....

    been reading ur blog from time to time. u're so sweet and hope u dun mind i linked u up in mine. btw, i laugh myself out watching the video... never cross my mind of doing that.. but u did.. :)

  31. wahlau.. 30pkts fries? o_O

    did you all manage to finish the fries? ehehehe

  32. Didn't you watch the clip on McDonald's fries from YouTube? They're very very bad for health!! -.-"

  33. I was thinking if I really enjoy the post, then I really should leave u a comment... Si beh cool sia... I imagine the fries to taste better after that.
    Too bad I am at office and have to watch the video without audio, will do it again later at home... haha. this is so funny!

    Do do some stupid things in the future again!

  34. LOL.

    I thought i was 'jobless' but that takes the cake man. Salute nevertheless :P

  35. all i want to say is.. better for you guys to hire me to fry you some big packets of fries which could be bought in any coldstorage of hyper mall..

    Totally a waste of money when you bought it from McD...

    better order from me.. CD.. I'll charge you RM1 per packet, and still make a profit...

  36. one packet =rm4.50
    30 packets = rm135.50

    isnt there a better way to spend rm135.50??

    that is just plain stupid.

    and yes i agree with the comment that you are stupid and childish!

    grow up. you are pathetic.

  37. The term, potatophobic was create on tat night...

  38. Fries=Chocolate=Fat
    Take care...

  39. this is bloody amazin, i want in for this fries fest. although, the best place to go is london for masses of chips.

  40. dear pathetic anoneh,
    Pathetic is one who foolishly count out of jealously how much others spent and felt very bitter about it.

    Being pathetic and stupid like you is not a crime. But, criminal intimidation and sexual harassment are.

    If you think you are safe behind your computer, try to think again using your foot. Obviously, your brain doesn't work.

  41. I wonder how did you and your friends came out with this fun stuff. Just by looking at the amount of fries there is makes me my stomach go "ggrroorr". Haha.

  42. eat of the floor...seriously wtf!


  44. Suddenly I have this craving for McD's fries.

  45. damn, i m going to get a value meal now

  46. anon: eeerrr...... cant you see there's a piece of paper there between the floor and fries? well, if you still find that gross? why dont you go and crucify ppl that go picnicking? thats even more gross, you dont know what animals had pooped over the grass! i'm pretty sure nicole doesnt go around her house pooping alotta ppl eat like that...generally, most malaysians dont mind eating like that! traditional indian banana leaf rice are eaten on leaves laid on the floor; kampung malays sit and eat on the floor eating dishes that are laid on the floor......
    so...go wtf THAT!

  47. wu liao~

  48. i adore u for de interesting idea. but i do hope u guys really finished all those fries that nite. cos well, cant help but think of poor souls who are deprived of food in 3rd world countries, ya know?

    so, did ya finish it?

  49. i dont understand, what is the connection between hungry 3rd world countries child with leftover's fries? So if nicole didnt finished it she sould send them away to africa? or she shouldnt buy that much and the money should be donated to africa? did you even do that before suggesting it to other ppl?

  50. WOW~~alvin also eat wif u ppl there? hahaha!

  51. Wow! I would love to try shaking fries like that too one day. LOL. If I have enough money to spare on extra pounds on my body that is... Anyway, what happened to the mayonnaise?

  52. dear loveydewey,

    nah, she doesnt need 2 send it 2 africa nor donate money thr. fyi, i dun do dat either.

    wat i'm saying here is a bit of self-discipline to control one's behaviour by taking into consideration the sufferings others are going thru.

    i'm not a philanthropist so i'm not gonna preach about doing charity work, which i seldom do. but i do try to avoid wasting food and as much as i can bcoz there is simply no point in wasting them. u get wat i mean?

    n when did i ask her 2 ship da fries 2 africa or make donations? its her own choice whatever she wanna do.

    i'm just concerned and curious about wat happened 2 da fries dat nite. and it was just a casual remark. i dun really care about it if no one tells me either

  53. wah.....crazy one meh...

  54. Hahahaha......that was just such a superb idea. It has been very long since I have done anything crazy like this. You have given me the inspiration to really go nuts again. Hahaha. Keep it coming nicole

  55. mcdonalds fries!!!!.... i mourn the end of those "shrek" fries.

  56. I like that crazy! ha.. ha.. ha..

  57. Wow, that is crazy...but looks like fun! lol