Riding the Rhino

Okay, here’s another trivia.

Do you know that the Sumatran rhino is 6.5 – 9.5 feet in length? That’s like 1-4 feet taller than me if it can stand up.

And do you know that a Sumatran rhino is at least 10-20 times heavier than me? Oh my god, I can’t even be bothered dieting if I weigh that much, I will just commit suicide, I’m serious.

And and and… do you know, that the Sumatran rhino has been identified as “the most seriously endangered species of large mammals in the world” as early as 1990?

Hah! I bet you don’t know that! (the 1990 part I mean)

Following my previous entry on the Sumatran Rhino in Taman Negara, I decided to do a bit of research on the topic.

You know it is an amazing fact that Malaysia is a country that inhabits some of rarest species and plants in the world. Like the endangered Orang Utan, Great Hornbill (threatened species), Malayan Roundleaf Bat, Horseshoe Bat Species, False Serotine Bat (I never knew there were so many bats endangered o.O),

Black Shrew, Malayan Water Shrew, Borneo Water Shrew, Bornean Tree Shrew, etc. (I never knew that were so many shrews too! And what are shrews?!)

So I went online and check.


Awe… So cute.

Why do animals go extinct? It angers me when something as beautiful as these are facing endangered danger due to habitual loss caused mainly by humans.

Do know what pisses me off the most? When human hunt magnificent animals such as this to the point of extinction.

Sumatran rhino

There are now less than 300 surviving Sumatran rhinos left in the world. Can you believe it?

This map shows that the Sumatran rhinos only exist in these areas. And Malaysia is smacked right in the middle of it all.


300!!! Few more poaches and one day your kids are going to point to a rhino picture ask: “Mommy, why does this hippopotamus got horn one?”

rhino back
Me? Hippo? (Photo courtesy of WWF-Malaysia)

Don’t we humans feel ashamed enough already? See what we did do the Woolly Rhinoceros. Hunted by our early ancestors to extinction as recent as 8000 BC. Now the close relative aka Sumatran Rhino aka the more furred rhino on earth at present is going through the same thing.

But finally, something is being done.

Honda, together with WWF-Malaysia, has started a 5 years RM5 million Rhino Rescue Project since last to save these beautiful creatures from facing their worst fate. Averaging at RM1,000,000 per year. That’s a hell lot of money. *dream* The thing I can do with 1 million ringgit… travel the world, thrice! Wait!! *slap self* Rhino more important!!

So far, Honda is the first and only corporation that is commiting itself, and with such a generous amount, to save the Sumatran rhinos. You can help raise awareness about this endangered species by putting a logo up in your page, be it blog, site, online store, etc.

Honda, the power of dreams.

Save the Rhino!!!

rhino eye

Pur-lease? (doggy rhino-y eyes)


13 kissed Nicole

  1. I find it strangely ironic that you're blogging about the rhino...who is a close cousin of the hippo(well, at least in weight la)...which used to be your place of WORK!(bluehyppo) :D see the connection??? rhino - hippo - bluehyppo...

    *this utterly meaningless comment was brought to you by the cavernous thoughts that reside at http://poetofpoyo.multiply.com/journal


  2. well.. the first time i saw a rhino was when i went for the singpore night safari.. but we just able to view it from far far away..

    i was literally jumping like a small kid and keep pointing to the rhino.. haha.. so excited..

    keep up the good job nicole.. =)


  3. Shakespear once wrote a book called The Taming Of A Shrew. As a result many readers actually tried to tame and domesticate these creatures - failing miserably and killing many shrews in the process. This is why shrews are now endangered.

  4. the rhino's eyes look sad. Talking about sad, the last rhinoceros in Houston Zoo has died today of old age. Here's the link.

    Hope we'll never see the same headline for our sumatran rhinos yeah?

  5. i did~ cause i got an email from nuffnang too =D

  6. zul of chelsea: oi.. zul, stop marketing your blog site here. lol

    xxrotiboyxx: that must be so cool, the only creature from afar was a deer

    destickles: shakespear must has been really influential

    iwan c.m.n.: sigh.. these things always make me sad

    patricia: i wonder if there's anything else we can do to help?

  7. is there such thing as woolly rhinos?? i thought it was the woolly mammoth in ice age

  8. Sorry! :P relax la, minah ni...

    Forgot my netiquette and manners there for a second :)

    Anyways, here's what you and your blog readers can do to help preserve the future of father nature...

    go to


    I click on the whole series of sites everyday...similar to avaaz.org, these type of sites allow netizens to help in small ways with just a simple click...Now, one or two individuals might not be able to make a difference, but if a whole bunch of people banded together and clicked everyday, the difference could be really significant and felt!

    Maybe you could blog about the site too, Nicole(if you're not familiar with it la...) Reach out to your readers, so they can reach out and save the world ;)

    Anyways, this exhaustively-written public service message is brought to you by...hahaha, just kidding ;)


    ZUL of Chelsea - keeping the blue flag flyin' high!

  9. Shrew has very strong and unpleasant smell right? Can be found in home. Cat also ignore it. I don't care if it's extinct :P

  10. I love rhinos.....especially the african rhinos....they look so strong!!! and the 'horn' is actually made up of really really stiff hair.. isnt that amazing.......... its a shame what humans have done to the rhino population. and all other magnificent wonders mother nature have created.

    keep up the cause nicole.....we will support whatever is good!!!

  11. nicole are u dating kenny?

  12. nicole u perempuan lajang!

  13. good post...loaded with info & emotion...i've put up that logo already...best wishes to all sumatran rhinos!