3 Blind Rats

I was supposed to update this yesterday but after two days of trekking, climbing, crawling, swimming and jumping from rock to rock, I reached home 10:30pm yesterday feeling like a sloth; but didn’t go to bed after one hour of scrubbing my battered muddy new sport shoes that went through intense mud race.

I need some time to compile all the photos taken during the weekend so in the mean time, let’s talk about this really funny rat movie I watched more than a week ago. Which is named after a dish - Ratatouille.

It is ironic you see, since I was born in the year of rat, a rat went to watch a rat movie that is about rat and more rats living in the city of Paris who love food.


Me – Rat – Food

Ahh… Now I see the connection.

You know what? I realized I have a brother and a sister too!!

Yes! My long lost brother and sister. Twin brother and twin sister, a triplet!!

Instead of having a rat watching the movie, I have two other rats watched the movie with me! And these three rats don’t only have the same age, they share the same surname!

Meet, (if you don’t know yet)


Ringo Tan (to the left)

My sister



Timothy Tiah (Which is also Tan in Mandarin)

My brother

Yes!!! I bet you don’t know that!! Hah!! We share the same year, same surname! (No we don’t share the same birth month). 10 bucks say we even share the same forefather.

And it is proven that all rats enjoy watching a rat movie, because it’s really funny, it’s about good food, it’s Paris and most importantly, it’s about a rat!

If I were to describe what kind of rats my siblings are based on the movie.

Then Timothy has got to be Remy.


An innovator. Always thinks out of the box.

A womanizer.


Could even get a vegetable to shag him.


And always on the run. This brother of mine is always busy. I mean always...

As for my sister, I can’t find a suitable rat character in the movie that fits her since there’s no pretty little rat so she has to be a human character – Colette.


Yup, beautiful and tough, the only female chef in Gusteau’s kicthen. That’s my sister.

Finding a character for me is easy. I’m Emile.


The fat rat who eats anything.


Ratatouille is an enjoyable, rather entertaining movie; a good flow from the beginning till the end. You’ll find yourself laughing the moment you stepped into the cinema and will sit on the edge of your theater seat throughout the screening. The whole movie will put you in anticipation to know more.

It is also probably the first movie I’ve seen whose marketing feels compelled to tell you how to pronounce its title. Wee, it’s called Ra-ta-too-ee.

Click here for its recipe.

Then I thought of all kinds of Ratatouille dishes. Ever wonder what kind of Ratatouille you are?

Finding Ringo’s ratatouille was easy.

She’s a proper French cooked ratatouille.


Dainty with a hint of spice.

Timothy’s ratatouille was also rather easy.


All messed up inside but still turn out alright.

But mine was the easiest of all. The moment I saw this ratatouille dish, I know it’s meant to be.


Pack and ready to go.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. The first pic looks like some sort of ulam with sambal. Yum!

  2. wow I never would've thought that Ra-ta-too-ee was an actual dish! now i know :)

    btw, where and how did you manage to watch this film 1-week before the rest of us?

  3. misha just watched that movie yesteday .. love it :)

  4. The dishes look like results of failed cooking experiments. There goes my appetite for lunch :(

  5. The rats in Seri Petaling must be rejoicing!!! Dim Sum anyone?

  6. my god, that was so funny!!! haha!

  7. destickles: what is ulam?

    gerald cheong: yea it's a french poor people dish. Because I went for a media screening :D

    misha: oo... u watch it really early also huh

    whisperingshout: haha..good.. diet diet

    chang sheon: me want! cannot! DIET!! argh.. the dilemma!

    patg: TQ! You're the first to say that!

  8. Ulam?

    Maybe this will help.


  9. ahhahahaa......i'll be enjoying dim sum sunday morning either in cheras or seri petaling, but you'll be in malacca... hahaaha.........you know how to contact me :)

    dimsum is not fattening lar...if you dun take too much of the fried stuff. :)

  10. btw...ulam is traditional malay salad. like raw cucumber, pegaga, petai, long beans, etc etc with sambal.....the appeal for me is always the sambal.......it is very healthy, and it is quite filling. but it causes flatulence.. hehehe....

  11. haha... i like your bottle of sauce.. instant!! just add in other ingredients...

  12. you eat those ah sheon?

    can't wait for taman negara pics. :)

  13. iwan: eerrr......i mentioned three edible things in my comments, ulam, dim sum, and rats..... but i'll give rat meat a pass. so, i am quite certain you meant ulam. yes, i love my ulam! like em fresh and like em with lotsa sambal!

  14. funny post..
    The jar of ratatouille is definately you! Pack n ready to go :)

    must go watch this movie, thanks for the review :)

  15. i really love that movie :), I miss PARIS :)

  16. u do not just eat anything :p .... only good ones ;)

  17. Me also Tan, Jason Tan, wakakaka