Nicole eats GOLD!!!!

Everything in Japan is insanely expensive. Just looking at price tags makes up most of my activities in Japan. Yes, price tags exploring if part of tradition and culture when visiting this country. It's a whole new tourist attraction on its own!

Every where, you see lots of zeroes. If you don’t know the currency exchange rate, RM30 is almost equivalent to 1000 yen, that is almost 10 US dollars.

And it is probably the only country in the entire world that has such small figures in their currency AND it does not mean a good thing.

Take Malaysia for example, if Singaporeans come to Malaysia, they spend like crazy, because 1 Sing Dollar is more than 2 Ringgits. They can spend twice that amount in Malaysia than when in Singapore.

Take Thailand for example, the Americans go to Thailand and spend like kings. USD10 = 350 baht. You can savour 7 good meals with that money.

The British goes to Indonesia, he will spend like an Emperor. Bring 50 quid and you are almost a millionaire! (53 GBP = 1,002,844 IDR)

But not in Japan. Uh huh.

Dining in Japan is like eating gold.

gold sashimi martini


Yes!! Those are Gold you’re looking at.



gold martini ikura and mackerel

OMG... I know about splurging. BUT THIS?!!!!!

COME ON! This is GOLD!!!!! 18 K 24 K PURE GOLD!!!!!

INTO MY MOUTH. MY STOMACH!! And eventually out into the TOILET!!!

HOHOHO. If Japan is not the country to splurge, I don’t know where is! I’m eating and dumping gold here!

Thin layers of beautiful gold sprinkled on this wonderfully aligned dish.

It is an exquisite dish serves in a Martini glass that cost 900 yen. Almost to RM30, for a tiny little martini dish!


A combination of Ikura, raw Mackerels, Sea Urchins and some seasonings sauce.

And it is HEAVENLY.

Nothing is cheap in Tokyo, Japan. Any single simple a la carte meal price starts at RM30 (or 1000 yen) and above. And I mean any. Not talking about expensive fine dining, just normal restaurant. If you order drinks and desserts, prepare to whip out at least RM100 for each meal of two at any one time.

I can’t buy you all those food, but what I can do is show u a teaser of what this Food Paradise has to offer.

food display

food display 2

food display 3

food display 4

food display 5

food display 6

food display 7


Food~~~ I see food~~~~

If you are wondering,

No, gold does not have any taste!


43 kissed Nicole

  1. wat did u eat then?

  2. what did she eat? Air maybe.. Haha!

  3. Despite the prices, I'm sure you're having a great time jsut being in Japan...

  4. :) Mum said Japan is one of the most expensive place to go for holidays :) so .. you have to bear with it lor since you are there:)

    anyway .. do enjoy yourself there . take care!

  5. Do they have sushi over there?

  6. they've got to be kidding! how could you possibly eat solid metal??

    its so awfully terribly super expensive in japan. goodness me, got to save up for 2 years here just to spend a couple of comfortable days there! no man.....i'd rather go somewhere else that has more lengluis and interesting eats, like taiwan.....

  7. hi. pure gold is 24k and 18k is with alloy.
    were you facinated with the broadband speed there ?

  8. WOW!!! That just looks so cool. It really sounds like you're having loads of fun there. :)

    [Quote]Food~~~ I see food~~~~[End Quote]
    *slurp *drool *drool


  9. yeah....any financial specialist reading this page?

    Why cant japan reduce the "zeroes" in their currency?

  10. Maybe the gold atoms will regenerate inside your body. Finally, one day...all that glitters is not could be nicole! haha

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  12. look for the 100 yen sushi bar. the food there is surprisingly good. you need to try a lot of food when you go to Osaka. they got the best food over there.

  13. You know what I find ironic, Nicole? That you find it annoying when I swallow my chewing gum, but you're perfectly OK with SWALLOWING GOLD??? I mean, swallowing gold, woman!!! that's like...taking a gold ring and...eating it!

    Lol, I hope you don't develop an addiction to swallowing gold, then :) 'cos if you do, that kinda limits the amount of jewelry you can wear, right? And if you eat too much gold, won't it be difficult for you to get past the customs department?

    :) so many potential one-liners and jokes, so little space :P

  14. Food in Japan is not cheap, KFC also cost closed to 1000 yen per meal... If you understand Kanji then no problem for you to travel using the JR.

    If time permit maybe you want to check out TokyoHand, Daiba a must go place, you can try the boat ride from Asakusa(浅草) to Daiba (台場). Yokohama also good place to visit....

    Oh... I missed Japan

  15. Well, i did a check on wikipedia, you CAN actually EAT gold, in the form of Gold leaf. :) But, why would anybody wanna EAT it?.....what a waste to beautiful metal!

  16. Japan is awesome place, but you didn't mention which part of japan you were in. Tokyo is the 2nd most expensive city in the world (1st is London).

    fyi: you have a typo, it is 50 quid. not 50 quids.

  17. I wouldn't eat gold, I will put those in my purse!

  18. Er... how is the tea? and wine? Japanese food ain't suit me i think. Japanese food for me is; nice to see, nice to hold, once you've eaten, consider waste. haha... no offense ya for Japaneses food lover.

  19. Anon: I ate the exact gold sprinkled martini sashimi u saw in the pic.

    Junkgirl: yea... it's alright. It's a city where you need to be filthy rich to enjoy, lol

    Misha: yea it is. But it's fine with me thanks.

    Destickles: that's like asking do we have rice in Malaysia.

    sheon: yea... you have no idea. Taking a taxi is of minimum 660 yen starting price.

    jefflcw: yea thanks for highlighting, changed

    Wimal: haha.. ate loads of food that's for sure

    whisperer: ooo. nice one

    biggu: not sure if i have time in osaka though

    Zul of Chelsea: swallowing gum is ODD!!

    volcane: ooo... so many places.. so little time

    sheon: right.... lol

    Anon: inside Tokyo, and thanks for correcting, changed

    jam: haha... they're too thin to be picked up

    Kenny: sake is really nice actually. Green taste the same like any green tea served in a proper Japanese restaurant in Malaysia

  20. well i was wondering.. did u weigh heavier after the meal? i mean, it's gold and it's heavy so..



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  22. We have rice in Malaysia? I thought it was just a rumour.

  23. where do u stay there?

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  25. Nicole..some tips on eating cheap in Japan. Go off peak hours i,e before 1130 am or after 2pm... Me and my fren had a fried rice and gyoza set each..and total bill was 900++ YEN only for 2 person.
    Also eat Yoshinoya for a good meal. Beef + Rice + Soup + Salmon about 500 Yen....

    SHop at Indiglo for cheap and nice cloth's 1000yen each

    In u r in Osaka, there is a good sushi buffet restaurant for 1500 yen along Shinshaibashi

  26. Nicole: u must take care of urs health dun simply eat Japaness food bcoz some of them is not suitable for urs body ! here, wish u all the best, ok! dun forget me....Vincent Khoo

  27. Tyoko?? You must visit the tsukiji fish market (in the early morning, something like 6am). You'll get to see people preparing and selling all sorts of fish. The market do not smell at all (though I went there during late Autumn, late not Summer).

    There are 2 famous sushi joint there where the queue will get insanely long after 8.30am, and the food sold out by around 10am.
    I think a set of sushi cost around 1500 yen.

    Speaking of gold, they also have sake with gold springkle on top of it, can't rememeber what it's called though.

  28. Sure expensive lo... really cham.. But their food look yummy to me le..

  29. patg: no!!!!
    sashimi suppose to make u lighter! (believe in lies believe in lies)

    Destickles: lol

    Stellix: Roppongi, central Tokyo

    tanalan2: ooo, sounds nice. but don't think i have time for osaka this time though

    Vincent cools: but but but.. i like Japs....

    camlok: if i have time, the difficult part is waking up, lol

    curryegg: yea they are yummy...!!

  30. Dear Nicole,

    Is this true?

  31. what are they gonna serve next? chocolates sprinkled with diamond dust?


    take care.

  32. nicole,dun 4get to take some pics of japanese girls XD

  33. Ahhh! So many yummy-looking foodies! Pack me in your luggage the next time you're going Japan.. I promise I'll keep real quiet..XD That way, I can save the air ticket money to spend on food...XD


  35. vellu,
    i suggest you keep your mouth clean. otherwise, you'll need to use that dirty mouth of yours to cry like a baby when the police came knocking at your door.

  36. vellu: what on earth made you think this is a porn site? you need to go to a porn site my friend. maybe a gay porn site because obviously you are obsessed with short dicks.

  37. that filth (unspeakable name 3 posts above), what is it doing here! delete it and cast it into the fire immediately.

  38. eating gold ... wat a luxury ;)

  39. nicole ur kinda fat so maybe u should stop eating

  40. should have let me know earlier... i got a friend in Tokyo, a malaysian residing and studying there... perhaps he knows where to get reasonably good and affordable food....

  41. go eat at syzeria. you can get cheaper but good foods there

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