My First Official Documentary Travel Vlog

I am uploading this post on the street of Ao Nang beach, Krabi. A long hot bath is all it takes to make a day brighter (a free krabi trip and good food helps too :D).

Life has never been better!

Anyway, here's a short 4 minute documentary I edited on a small piece of Taman Negara trip.

I spent quite an amount of time on this! I think I might go pro in this, LOL!

So how is it? (big EyEs)


18 kissed Nicole

  1. Awesome stuff, dudette! :) reminds me of "Backpackers" on Channel [V]...

    Hey, how about uploading the out-takes? :D

  2. quite a professional looking documentary. or should i say it has the professional feel in it. lol

  3. Why nobody pass that man a lighter? So much about msian brotherhood spirit. LOL

    Well done piece. Go girl go!

  4. good job:)....cannot wait for your updates in thailand

  5. Wow... the video is great. Great improvement wo... and who is the spokesman?

  6. Good one! Will try to do one of my own next time. May I know which video editing tool you are using?

  7. Whats "FIN"?

    A vast improvement from earlier Vlogs. Good job. However, still has room for improvements when it comes to narration. :) take great care of yourself now k? have a phenomenal time, and play safe.

  8. The video-mentary is nicely done. Worth your efforts. Keep it up!

  9. great attempt!! still got room to improve though. u'll be pro soon.. keep it up.

  10. Hi sweetie, you are good. Well thought of landing a job with Travel & Living or Discovery as a VJ ???? The next Asha Gill ????? I believe u can.......

  11. pure nice vlog

  12. Wow! Superb take. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to set my desk on fire.

  13. Hello Nicole,
    OK...not about your org asli vlog but this one - Ocean Deep! So so beautiful, the video. Is there anyway i can get a copy for it? It has a surreal dreamy expression to it...that brings me back to my early teen days.

    It has been a joy visiting this site. Thanks so much for your generosity in spirit and vibes.

  14. zul of chelsea: really? i never watched that before

    ashraf: thanks

    genova: yea, meant to make it that way

    clement: tq

    whisperer: haha.. no one brought one i guess

    anon: omg.. thailand was fantastic!!

    kenny: me of course, one man show, lol. unless someone is willing to be my cameraman

    jam: at the moment, it's only windor media maker

    sheon: means 'end'. and thanks for the comment, will try to improve :)

    ujinyee: tqtq

    jeremy: haha, i can only wish

    tanalan2: now that i have to wish really hard, lol

    tom: tq

    destickles: haha, did you suceed?

    snow: it was rather cold at that time, haha

    theo: haha.. that was my first ever vlog. i think u can download it from youtube, using a download software.

  15. that vid is great n i thought i was watching a discovery channel type movie, at least until, you said peoples, peoples.. then i got back to reality.