Best Cheesecake in Kuala Lumpur

After reading Wilson's post on best cheesecake in KL, I had to try it for myself. 

So on a free weekend, I shimmy my way to Lot 10 to get a taste of this cheesecake. 

Located on the 4th floor of Isetan, Lot 10, The Tokyo Restaurant Bar & Cafe was crowded around lunch hour. There was a small queue that took 10 mins to clear. Not too bad. 

The seatings were small to fit more people, unless you're able to get seated at the outdoor sofa chairs next to the escalators, be prepared to sit in close proximity with strangers.

It took a while to call for the waiters as they were busy allocating seats to incoming patrons. But once ordered, my cake came fairly quickly. 

First off, the cheesecake was really good. Easily the best I had in KL. Despite it being called a 'cake', it tasted more like very dense cream compacted into a mould. It's sweet but not cloying (yet), the dollop of cream on the side was sweeter and you could combine it if you prefer an even sweeter note on your cake. I found it better to just eat to cake on its own. 

At RM18 per slice, I was given a table fork to eat this with, which in my opinion, would be better if a dessert fork was provided. 

60% in and I was slowing down. It was proving to be too rich for my stomach to handle or consume. It was still delicious no less, but indigestion (lactose intolerant, I know I know, I can't stay away from dairy alright) was making me stop. So I abandoned the cheesecake 85% in. It was the best I could do. 

See how disporportionate and awkward the table fork was (to be used) on a delicate dessert such as this? 

Looking around, I was the only solo patron who ordered the cheesecake, everyone else had a slice in pairs. Probably a wiser decision. 

Would I come back again? 
Yes, but only with a friend. 

The menu looked fairly interesting, would like to try the beef curry with omelette rice, and the happy hour buy 1 free 1 cocktail (before 7pm) was tantalising enough to lure me back. 

Tokyo Restaurant Bar & Cafe
4th floor, Isetan Mall, 
Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, 
50250, Kuala Lumpur

Opening: 11am - 11pm 
Contact: +603 2119 2622


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