Living Lounge Hostel - Lisbon, Portugal

So this was my journey thus far (written).

madrid to lisbon

Leaving Spain behind, after Madrid and Seville, I ventured into Portugal.

I knew nothing about the country except that I onced almost dated a portugese mix, ate portugese egg tart and drank port.

So it was a delight that I landed myself in one of the most pleasant hostels I've ever stayed in.

white room

This was my room, called "White Dream". Perfectly suited for me since I'm a pieces, dreamer at birth. LOL

dream ties all mankind together

love the writings on the wall... enticing~

white dream

Met up with a friend who flew from London and this was his room. Super love as well! Though I still prefer mine. :p

jazz room

jazz room bed

jazz box

It's so neat, clean and pretty that it didn't feel like an ordinary hostels, more like a boutique hotel, with the advantage of a cozy living area and kitchen where people actually USE.

living lounge hostel lisbon

I could walk into the kitchen and make myself some free toasts with jam and some milk tea. Felt exactly like home, in a foreign land, with a foreign weather. lol

I also loved this odd barber's chair sitting at the corner seemingly so out of place.

barber's chair

In most evenings, there would be one guest picking up the guitar and started strumming in the leisure room, and everyone would sit and hum or sing along.

leisure room

It's such a surreal feeling staying there, in winter in a foreign country that I knew nothing of and speaked none of its language. But yet it was perfectly alright, and perfectly at ease.


Living Lounge Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal.

However, on a whole different note, I do know one thing about Portugal.

You know all those authentic portugese egg tarts most Malaysians have been claiming they've eaten in Macau?

Honey, it ain't authentic if it ain't from Portugal.

It's called PORTUGESE eggtart, d'oh.

authentic portugese eggtarts

Originated from Lisbon, Portugal in fact.

Where I was at. Where I ate one.

portugese egg tart

portugese eggtart

Now that's... one good tart.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. No egg tarts are as authentic as the first ones ever made! lol

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