cats and insomia

eyes and pillow

The title has no capital letters because I feel it doesn't carry enough importance to bear them. LOL wtf.

It's just that I have been unable to sleep at night these days, and my sleeping pattern is getting worse by the day.

Yesterday I went ice skating and got back dead tired, but still I ended up staying up till 6AM! Unable to sleep the whole night. :(

I don't know what's up with my body. Le sigh~

Oh I visited bestie today to play with her cat. It's mating season and he is SO HORNY OMFG! He just kept meow-ing the WHOLE time I was there. I loveeeee cats but it's just SOOOOO annoying.

And funny at the same time.

There was like a mommy cat outside with her four kittens living near the lifts area and she followed me to bestie's door, wanting me to feed her and her little kittens. LOL. SUCH A SMART CAT!

So I got some cat food from bestie's house and 'delivered' them to her kittens, and she ate while fending for her kittens cause there was a male cat nearby eye-ing their food. So ke-lian~ (pitiful). So I gave him some food too, after the mommy cat attacked him for coming too near to her kittens. I laughed and finger-pointed at the male cat telling him (yes quite literally) he totally deserved it LOL who ask him to come so close to mommy's babies.

Then she brought me up to visit an old friend of ours who was living in the same building and saw like the BIGGEST pregnant cat EVER!

She was SOOOOO gorgeous, her fur was SUPER fine and super white! And she's girnormous! In all my cat bearing years I have NEVER seen a cat THAT pregnant before. It's as if she has stuffed like 12 babies in her! Or 5 very big kittens. We couldn't stop laughing when she walked cause it's the funniest sight ever.

Imagine a pedigree posh cat carrying a football around her belly as she walked. Swinging left, right, left, right. LOLOL.


That's all.

I think I shall go shower now and watch some online anime until I get tired, which would be around 6-7am. :S



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