Progress on my Ice Skating Challenge (with video!)

Wondering how my progress went with my Nicolekiss is all in adidas challenge?

Well I've recorded a video!! (read on)

Before that, here's a recap of the outfit I've picked out for my second day of ice skating lessons.

back of pink top
Or click on the link above to go to the post with all my camwhore photos of the outfit

And I know it's pointless (since I'm ice skating) but I just have to show off my brand new adidas pink and black sports shoe; I have another exact pair but silver in base color.

pink and black sports shoes

You would be able to see it if you follow my Twitter account. I used it to climb Mount Cook!!

Back to learning to ice skate.

spotting nicolekiss

Can you spot me in the photo?! I'm so colorful it's impossible not to. I love colorful clothing. ^^

This is my coach, Carmen.

peace sign

She's really nice and am really patient with me even though when I'm obviously the worst 20s something student she ever had. I have like the worst balance for any form of sports. T_T

hand in hand

Btw do you realize she's wearing an adidas jacket?

Do you know that all ice skating coaches wear adidas jackets by default, because it's sponsored. OMG JELES! What a coincidence too! I swear I did not know this when I was signing up for the lessons.


There I go sidetracking again. @_@

Anyway I learnt a lot of moves and tricks to ice skating, not that one needs if one is already good at ice skating. It's just really useful for late learners like me to pick up the sport.

kid is mocking me
the kid was mocking me with her lightning speed. T_T

One thing after all these, I never knew ice skating could be so tiring. @_@


And the thing is, the moment my feet gets tired, I can't, even with all my might, skate properly. I will be tipping over at every glide/turn/slide, because it's using muscles I don't normally use when I walk, sleep and eat.

"Do I really need to skate more? I'm so so so so so so exhausted." Pleading at carmen the coach.

Here's a video on my progress, I also edited out the tricks and tips so that it becomes a tutorial for those who wish to pick up ice skating, take up an adidas challenge like I do.

I know I know. I'm still pretty shit. Will I really be able to finish my challenge? It's almost a month now and my aim was to achieve "passable" within a month! o.O

Am I setting myself too high a challenge? OMG kill me.

Still got one more week left. Will be TRYING MY BEST!


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