Odd Ball

I do consider myself an odd ball.

I have very different ways of thinkings compared to most peers. Not sure of the actual reason for this behaviour, but it must've been triggered since a long time ago.

I'm not saying I'm different. I'm just saying I'm odd.

And I am very odd.

When I looked at this photo it cracked me up. LOL

Like when I am doing something/looking at something/or just thinking, I tend to block out all disturbances around me: noise, people, colors, cars, even the conversation I'm in. Hence for those we know me very very very well (actually, only one person so far knows me that well), I zone out very easily.

You could be carrying a conversation with me and halfway through I would enter this zone out phase and shoot out my own questions before realising I was actually having a conversation with you.

It's annoying to a lot of people. And unfortunately, I find it really hard to control this zone-out habit of mine.

I suppose it's harmless, however it has, in its past, offended a few people, like severely. :S

But that's just one of the many characteristic of being odd.

To some, you could be even call me an introvert. I know, it's almost unbelievable since I meet so many people all the time during my travels and I have never had a problem striking a conversation with a random stranger.

But most friends of mine don't realise was that I find it hard to CARRY a conversation, too.
It's like my way of thinking and opinions are vastly different to how most people's minds operate. Different wavelength you might call it.

And I only realise how often this has happened, in the past or present, in recent years.

I'm like a modern day geek. Only I don't look the part.

I have my own little dark humour and jokes that most people don't get.
And my own aloofness that most people find ignorant.
Or my own seriousness that people normally would find intimidating.
My own sense of justice that some people find unreasonable.
My own definition of adventure that people find ridiculous/stupid/torturous.
My impulses/spontaneousness that almost all people find pointless.
Sometimes, my own polite-ness that people find rude. :SSS

photographing rainbow

It's hard trying to fit in growing up. And in some ways, I'm still doing so.

However, I have already come to accept me as me and my baheviour as part of me.
Learning to cope with my odd common sense in this seemingly odd world to yours.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Hope that I could be like you on someday. Accept me as me and my behaviour as part of me. Love this quote!

  2. I have sort of the same characteristics too