Tea Pairing Dinner

I was invited to Twinings tea pairing dinner by a friend of mine.

How could I say no? I love teas, and I love Twinings. I love most things English. Some people like Japanese culture, some people follow Korean Pop culture... Well, I'm a tea-drinking English girl at heart.


There was a workshop talking about making the perfect cup of tea, which was REALLY enlightening. Maybe I'll talk about it in the next post - on how to make a perfect cuppa.


Stephen Twinings was there too, yes you guessed it, he's related to the founder of Twinings - Thomas Twinings, back in the 1706 when the first Twinings tea room was first open in London.

Stephen Twining enjoying his cuppa (1024x683)
Stephen Twinings is the 10th Generation of the Twinings empire.

It's amazing to meet someone from such a land standing legacy.

He talked a lot about tea, drank a lot of tea too.

One of the most strikening news was that Earl Grey tea is only legit for Twinings, since Early Grey tea was commissioned to Twinings by an EARL, named Charles Grey, and the tea was so welcomed it was named after the Earl. *surprised!*

sugar cubes


I never knew tea pairs well with certain food, like wine, but it didn't surprise me that it could. Afterall, certain tea does taste better with certain variety of food.


Like black teas are good with scones, tiramisu and quiche of the sort.

Twinings Earl Grey best eaten with scones, and Tiramisu (683x1024)

My guess is that they're better with savory or slight savory desserts: some also say it's good with veal, chocolate macaroons and cheese.

Or like the green tea is best served with light food, like finger sandwich, seafood and salad, etc.

Jasmine green tea enjoyed with an assortment of canapes and light sandwiches (1024x683)

Now you know your tea, enjoy a cuppa.


drinking tea

drinking twinings tea


Find a cozy/scenic place, your tea will taste even better.

having tea
haha I actually got dragged out here to pose for cameras. wtf so random.

Anyway, thanks to the event, now I have enough tea to last me for the rest of the year.

Unless of course I drink it everyday then it would only last me for four months.

stephen twinings

Dinner was held at Saujana hotel - Senja restaurant where we had tea, and wine ^^, during our evening meals. YUM.


panna cotta
my favourite dessert of all time!!! for now.

strawberry mango fusion

My favourite drink that night was the Strawberry and Mango Infusion, it's by Twinings and not exactly a tea. But really yummy when prepared with sugar.

I had like five glasses that night.

OD-ed T_T


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