Just Seville - Free Flamenco & Funny Horse Face

Seville was where I visited a lot of sights: palace, plaza, cathedral, museums, etc.

barcelona shrine

It was where I did most of my historical and cultural soak-ups.

seville cathedral front
taken during another day, the Seville Cathedral.

cathedral of the see and i
also taken during a different day, from another angle.

It wasn't a city as impressive as Barcelona or as vibrant as Madrid, but I do remember the city as the perfect last leg of my journey in Spain - relaxing, clean and easy.

Yes, that's it. It was easy. The city wasn't complicated, and I didn't need to worry about robbers or thieves, or the tourists and peak hours. Food was easy, there wasn't a million choices that gave you headaches, but enough to make you happy. Walking was easy, visiting places was easy.


nicole fooling around 1

nicole fooling around 2
me fooling around

And I also remembered seeing a lot of horses in Seville.

horse carriage

horse and carriage

It was one of those rare chances where I could get up close to a horse and camwhore their faces out.


horse in seville

Most of them taken in different locations.

I have a killer photo of this horse face at the end of this post, so keep on reading.

sports car
not this kind of horse power.

Anyway, I met a traveller friend at the guesthouse I was staying, whose name was Clinton, I think, and we visited most of Seville together. I should really look him up on facebook and see where he's at in the world right now. You never where to expect with these crazy travellers.


He's the one on the left. The guy on the right with the curly hair was our host at the guesthouse.

Who was also kind enough to bring us out to witness true local flamenco dance at a local joint; free of charge. The only thing you had to pay was a drink.

seville cathedral at night

again we walked through the Seville Cathedral on our way to the joint which was located in the most complicated maze of little alleys. I wouldn't know how to get there again even if you offer to pay for my house.

I had to pass by this Cathedral everyday on my way to just about anywhere. Hence the gazillion photos from all different angles of the gothic church.

cathedral of the see at night
Looked beautiful at night. Didn't feel so gothic.

The Flamenco dance here was very different compared to the one I saw in Madrid. Other than being much less formal, it was more intense, almost to the extend of fierce.

flamenco singing
flamenco singing was INtense!

I was pretty much fierced out by this lady dancer.

flamenco dance

flamenco dance 2
bow to my armpit wtf

flamenco dance 3
now to both of them fml

I guess it must've been a popular joint, the place was crowded on a weekday! Or was it a weekend? I can't remember.


me and audience
moi! in the audience.

my cake, which I've eaten somewhere sometime, I'm assuming that night, since the photo appeared right after the dance, fml my gold fish memory.

Remember the funny horse face I promised to show you at the begining of the post?

Here it is.

big nose horse

Tada! Funny or not?! LOLOL

Eh-hem, this photo was taken in front of a bullring arena.
Oh yea baby, that's where I'm bringing you next in this blog.

It's bullfighting time!!!


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