Alfama - The Wonderland of Portugal

I love places like this.

Winding, mysterious, historical, high risk of getting lost, but then you'll find your way out eventually, narrow streets, quaint cafes, etc.

narrow street in alfama

As quoated in wikitravel: "This neighborhood still bears signs of the Moorish presence in the city, with the buildings very close to each other, and very irregular streets. It's very atmospheric and a great spot in which to wander around."

walking in alfama

Alfama - one of the places you must visit in Lisbon.

You can spend up to half a day wandering through the neighbourhood. It's really quite fun to explore, with lots of photography opportunities, if you're into artsy fartsy sort of pictures, that is.

alfama narrow house

I love how the narrow houses are so close to each other, and a walk to the grocery is just your next door neighbour.

alfama store

How cars can manage to squeeze themselves along the slope on this already tiny place.

or how we found a uber rad fine dining restaurant amidst all these was the ultimate icing.

narrow street

reading lonely planet
Looking for a restaurant in my trusty lonely planet.

posing in alfama
left or right?

orange house

narrow street in alfama

old school restaurant sign
love the super old school western sign board.

church in alfama

santo antonio in alfama
Found the restaurant!

dining in santo antonio

outdoor dining at santo antonio

salmon fettucini
can never get tired of salmon fettucini

santo antonio interior

poached pear in red wine
mmm.... my poached pear in red wine.
right. never gonna order this again.

Here are the rest of my artsy-ish photos in Alfama.

hanging laundry

small fountain

laundry lady
love this best



man and steps

alfama sky view

alfama house




That's it for Lisbon.

As I was leaving Lisbon, I thought to myself, if I ever do return to this place, I'm going to find myself a nice guesthouse in Alfama and fully experience the olden days Moorish culture. :)


3 kissed Nicole

  1. beautiful people and places! love ur travels!

  2. wowww.. Cool.. thank you for sharing your adventure with us...

  3. If you ever return to this place, do take me with you! ;P