Juicy Couture Haul: Crown Charm & Heart Bracelet

This is my first Juicy Couture purchase in my life.

charm box

I've never bought anything from Juicy before because I found their clothing line and bag collection a little... well... too kiddish for me. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but then it's not exactly me.

I tried dressing up pink and all cutesy, you know, like Paris Hilton, but it all came out wrong. I looked wrong. I strongly believed that cutesy and pink stuff always suit petite frames better, or people who are skinny (if they're tall); but I'm neither. So when I dress up, I looked like an old woman trying too hard to be cute.

Urgh. Not a good sight.

But then no one says anything about charms and bracelets.


I love accessories, so I finally got around to get myself a set of bracelet and an extra charm from my friend who lives in the states (lucky her).

bracelet box

First is the Juicy Starter Charm Bracelet, 14k yellow gold plated; with Banner Heart and "J" Charms.

juicy heart charm bracelet

heart charm

I LOVE the fact that, unlike Thomas Sabo bracelets, the Juicy bracelet is bigger, bolder and shinnier. ^^

my juicy

Hence you require less charms on a bracelet.

my heart

I think they're selling this for RM260+ in Juicy Couture Malaysia? Pretty affordable.

I also got the super CHIO Juicy Couture Crown Charm (it's around the same price as the bracelet) to add on to my starter colletion.

crown charm



juicy couture crown charm and bracelet

Other photos.

safety tag


juicy heart

I've set my eyes on one more charm in the Juicy Couture outlet in Pavilion. Will show you guys when I get that.

Third's the charm, right? ;)

(haha. I just made a pun)


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Cipet lah you. Why you tiru me?? Everything I have also you buy. But then... it's better tiru me than tiru some trendsetter right? I shall forgive you.