Artistic Madrid Day and Night

nicolekiss and palace of madrid

My trip in Madrid was brief but fun, with lots of silly posy photos.

It was nearing Christmas so the spirit was up in the air as I checked into my cozy guesthouse.

christmas sitting

christmas deco

Unfortunately, I landed in the city during a long weekend holiday and everywhere in the city was packed with tourists from other cities and neigbouring countries.

crowd at the plaza

There were plentiful of art galleries in Madrid, as it turned out, for visits. And though I've had enough of museums, I thought it wouldn't hurt to visit one to check out the buzz.

Turned out even that was impossible to do.

the queue to art collection museum in madrid
This queue is as long as it seems and even longer. The queue bent of both ends of the four blocks of buildings.

Here's a large photo of it in 1000 pixels.

Why was there such a long queue?

Folks, this was just a typical long weekend holiday in Madrid. Yes, those are tourists. And no there isn't an iPhone sale going on.

In fact it's a queue into the art gallery at the corner.

queue to the museum

Which I wanted to visit but decided against it for obvious reason. o.O

Here are two photos taken while I was standing in the middle of the queue, taken from both sides.

On left,
queue 1

On right,
queue 2
I never knew the Spanish people were so big on arts till... this!

So I went to visit the palace instead.

nicolekiss and palace of madrid 2

walking out of the palace
me on my audio guide (which I rented)

with my audio guide

peace sign


me and korean friend
funny korean guy and I

palace of madrid

one of the gates

still on my audio guide
insistent on listening to my audio guide, absorbing history knowledge

winter me in spain

front hall of palace

angels ceiling
cathedral next to the palace

stabbed jesus

eerie photo of Jesus with a stab wound

palace cathedral

centre of a filled cathedral
the service hasn't started yet so I went to stand in the middle and took this photo
applaud for my bravery and shamelessness. :p

Went to have Mcdonald for lunch. Spanish Mcdonald!

bacon bits burger

I had this version of the burger that has bacon bits sprinkled on the bun. It's super yummy!

me and mcd burger in spain

Went to the park,

the park

the malaysian jump
my jump

the korean jump
funny korean guy's jump

I took a better photo. :p

the fountain
fountain with no water

the canals
romantic canal-ing?

the duck

me at a tree bark
romantic shot of me under a tree wtf

roller blade and bicycle
happy spanish couple

strolling backward
the art of walking backward

the pose
the art of posing backward fml

'ngeh' look in the park

A very artistic wall made of grass arstically grown vertically.

the artistic grass wall

On to Madrid at night. Spanish night?

light building

statue!! must take photo of statue!

saw a shop with lots of aprons.


The lady at the shop sew my name on a piece of paper as a souvenier.


my name in string
my name!

She was smiling before this but because she didn't understand when I asked her to pose with my sewn name while I take a photo, she got a bit tense. I made her tense. :(

nice building
very pretty night shot of a building in between street

another nice building

I saw these candle holders that were SOOOOO pretty.

pretty candle holders

I wanted to buy them but I might break them on my travels. :S :(

candle holders

candle holder

paris at night on a jar

And then I left Madrid and went on to visit the biggest Gothic Cathedral in the world.

That's all for Madrid!


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  1. What a wonderful time you had Nicole!Absolutely love your poses!