Skating in adidas

Yay it's my first day of Student Practise Credit day.

Which means I get to skate five times on my own after the coaching lessons so I can pick up all the skills she has taught me.

In case you're wondering, this is my ALL IN challenge to myself, following the adidas is all in campaign. (Read about my first day of lesson here)


I really want the pink jacket Katy Perry is wearing in her ad campaign. It's so CHIO~!

Here I'll show you a picture.


Nice right?

I love her super pink adidas pants, sports bra and shoes too.


Everything about the outfit is LOVE!

I might get that soon, or something similar, who knows. ;)

But anyway, as promised (to myself), I have tied my hair for my second try out on the big icy field.



And to suit the challenge mood, I've put on my own version of 'Nicolekiss is all' in challenge jacket.

adidas jacket


Ta-da~ outfit 2

And for my walking shoes to the pyramid ice...

adidas flat pump
adidas pumps~

wearing adidas flat pumps

To recap, here's my first day of lesson at the pyramid ice with my coach Carmen.

Yes, now you know how bad I am at ice skating.

I can't balance least to say skate a straight line. T_T

And coaching alone isn't going to make me a pro skater overnight.

Which is why I need to practise, practise, practise, hence the Student Practice classes (basically you go there under skating student title to practise your new found skills).


This time, without a coach... and her hand which I could hold onto, I fell flat on my bottom. T_________T

It's like the most embarrassing moment ever! Thank god it was a Monday and there wasn't as many people as there was on a weekend as my dress flipped itself skyward and.... and... eh hem...

resting with my bum hurting...

Note to self: never wear a dress/skirt without safety pants when ice skating.

Once fallen, forever SCARRREEEEDD!!!

holding on
clinging on for dear life...

It's so scary to know that I might fall again the second time around. My feet hurted and ego bruised.. I went back out again and...


OMG! I can skate!

Just kidding. Where got so fast.

But after what seemed like two hours of blind practise, I could manage gliding forward without tipping backward, or sides, or forward.

Just barely managed.

Jesus I'm old already ok! Cut me some slacks!


So my second week has proven... erm... not as satisfying but improving. Will be meeting my coach again in the next lesson. I hope she's not disappointed with my 'improvements'. T_T


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Oh yeah when I saw your outfit I was thinking "You dare to wear a dress to go skating??" lol

    After a few more lessons and more practice sessions you'll be fine, just go on! :)

  2. I know it! it was you that day at Pyramid!

  3. My first skating at Sunway.. that was scariest thing ever.. my skin got peeled off T_T

    but you were really daring to wear a dress.. white one some more.. to skate..

    I'm sure you're very much better now :)