Learning to Ice Skate

big eyes

It's one of those crazy challenges I give myself because I have nothing better to do. Like travel across Australia with budget of AUD1500 for 5 weeks (which was pretty insane come to think of it, I even managed to snowboard twice!)

I decided to learn to ice skate.


Random reader: What? You don't know how to ice skate yet?

Sadly, yes. :(

And as one ages, it seems harder to pick it up.

The inspiration of this came from a campaign ad I spotted in a cinema lately.
One of my favourite idols (omg I have one!) have got herself involved in a campaign: adidas - is all in.

It's KATY PERRY! God I love her.

I shall copy cat.

adiddas outfit
Nicolekiss is all in

So gearing up, I called up the Pyramid Ice and signed myself up for a 5-lesson course with a personal coach.

nicole in skates

I can't skate. I can't balance. And at my age, it's really really really hard to pick up something and be good at it. I'm not blaming my age, but something to do with the learning ability that comes with age, and habitual behaviour in action, speech, everything; people tend to find it much harder to adapt to change.

And ice skating for me is a huge change for me. I don't know how to glide, my body reacts that movement to falling down. Hence I jerk, I slow down and then I became this handicap skater.

scary looking blade

Talking about blades, I always have this fear that in case I fell down from ice skating, someone might accidentally skate over my hands and slice them apart. *GRUESOME THOUGHT OMG KILL ME IT'S GIVING ME CHILLS*

pyramid ice
the big scary wild ice rink

When I first joined, I thought maybe I could learn to skate like pro within a month, or at least fakely looking like a pro.

The coach whom I told this aim to laughed at me; she said it took her six months to even do a twirl. And that's going for coach lessons like three times a week.

spread your arms
"strech your arms"

taking the first step
"that's right, take your first step"

Ok. Re-plan my aim.

Let's go for just able to skate. And not falling on my ass. Maybe do a proper glide, like a champion.

little skating pink girl
geez, even a kid is skating like a million times better than I.

pink gloves
pretending to be in very cold weather

I'll keep you updated on how my next lesson would be.

Maybe in the mean time, you can find yourself a challenge, achieve something great! For those who dare. ;)

ready to ice skate

xoxo - Nicolekiss

note to self: I'm tying my hair to my next lesson


5 kissed Nicole

  1. like the note to self bit. lol. you look pretty as always. :)

  2. watch this nico.

    She is Yuna Kim, the queen of ice from Korea.

    I wish u will like ur skating lesson more after watching this video.


  3. this one also, nico. Hope u like it : )


  4. How did you make it for AUD1500 for 5 weeks?!! Teach me!

  5. I would settle for not falling down :P But even that, I don't dare to try... *sigh*