Discovering Hidden Mickeys

Apparently at every Disneyland, there are a lot hidden Mickeys lying, hiding, scattering all around the park and the hotels.

I tried my best to look for them, but only managed to find a few.

discovered hidden mickey

Some of them were pretty easy to spot; like this one, there are a lot of them on top of these man holes everywhere on the walkway into the park.

hidden mickey
Entry to the park

This is going to be short post. Because it was meant to be a short post, and while I was finding the photos I found out I managed to scout out quite a few of the hidden mickeys. Yay me!

Here are some of Mickey heads I spotted.

hotel lift button
Lift button - Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

hotel lift
Hotel lift – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Can you spot the hidden Mickey in this?

hidden mickey on hotel lift

hotel light
Lobby lamp – Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

garbage bin
Garden garbage bin – The Disney’s Hotel (Mickey whole head!)

disney hotel lift
Lift - The Disney’s Hotel
Almost missed this one! So TINY!

mickey on marble floor
Floor tiles – The Disney’s Hotel

mickey bench
Mickey Bench! - Hotel bus station

Finish! No more!
My eyes went blind after that.
I’m just bad at spotting things.

But considering I’ve spotted this much, not bad not bad.

Btw, how do you like my Minnie’s sun cap?

me in minnie suncap

minnie sun cap

meow pose

(Oh look my Mickey’s bracelets)

Post of HK Disneyland.
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2 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole!
    You're such a gifted blogger, you know. I really love the way you concoct your storylines just like this one. Hidden mickeys...I never thought of that. And the result is simply a very interesting post.
    By the way, it's because of your blog that I really started blogging. Your blog inspired me to also share my life and loves just like what you're doing.
    I only wish that I can travel as much as you though.
    Remember your coastal scents haul?
    I asked my bro to buy some for me since he's in the US and I'll just pay him back in return. I can't wait to try them. thanks for the tip!
    Continue to shine, Nicole!
    Your fan,

  2. Oh you'll love them. I haven't had the chance to try all the colors yet but I'm loving those that I had. Especially the blushes, they're divine! Will be looking forward to ur posts.