Breakfast with Disney Characters

This is the last the most exciting post of my Hong Kong Disneyland trip and stay, at least for me.

mickey fountain

I’ve always had wanted to stay at a Disney Hotel whenever I visited a Disneyland.

Because at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel you get to dine with all the famous Disney characters!

Like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck.

It was the event I was looking most forward to during my stay there.

As I was staying in Disney Hollywood Hotel, I had to take a shuttle in the morning to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for the breakfast at the Enchanted Garden.

enchanted garden
So dreamy~!

The buffet breakfast had a good selection of Western and Chinese cuisines, and also…

Mickey pancakes!

mickey pancakes

buffet breakfast

Despite the great selection of food, especially the amazing crispy bacons they have (yum!), I could barely concentrate on eating.

Throughout breakfast I was just peeking and peering around the restaurant for the Disney characters. Even when told that they would come to my table eventually, I still couldn’t control the insane anxiety I had inside.

“It’s Goofy. OMG!” I pointed.

chef goofy playing with his ear

As chef Goofy wobbled and staggered over from table to table, I fiddled with the food in my plate as I stretched my neck so high to ogle at the other tables of guests taking turns to take photos with Goofy.

chef goofy being goofy

chef goofy and i

I love Goofy. He’s one of my favourite characters because he’s so goofy. Lol.Muacks!

About the shoes I was wearing. It’s a pair of crocs I bought a year ago and ever since it’s been like a comfort shoes for me whenever I don’t feel like wearing something too serious.

However, if you’ve paid attention, I’ve been wearing this pair of shoes in every other posts of my current HK Disneyland trip.

There’s a story to it.

I actually forgot to PACK other shoes when I was packing for the trip, because I was moving house then and all the shoes I have were at the new place, yea so smart to move all the shoes to the new place when I have a trip coming up.

So I had no choice to be stuck with this pair of fugly shoes throughout the trip.

OMG the shame.

To think I have a wardrobe full of shoes. :S

Anyway, Mickey showed up!
Even though Minnie was my favourite character of all time, but still, it’s Mickey!

The star of the show!

A kid cried at the next table because he thought he missed the opportunity to take photo with Mickey. Awe… (Mickey went over there the second time to take photo with him again, double Awe~)

mickey and i

cheeky mickey and i

Love lovelovelove Mickey. A million hearts!

I even took a second round of photos with him after breakfast.

And he swung my hands around to make this position.

mickey and i at breakfast

So cute!

mickey and i at disney hotel breakfast

Finally, Pluto showed up. So I thought…. Meh… why not.

pluto and i at breakfast

Pluto turned out to be really funny. Making odd poses and just being cheery.

Bye chef Pluto!

We then took a walk around the garden of Disneyland Hotel, where there’s a mickey maze right outside.

disney hotel

We also visited the Sorcerer’s Lounge, right before we head into the park to start another new crazy day. I love this place, very posh.


author's lounge

That’s a wrap of all my HK Disneyland posts.

Do make your reservation to have breakfast with all the Disney Characters when you have the chance to visit HK Disneyland. It’ll be an experience you never forget.

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  3. Aww...... you two look like a veeeeery cute couple. I'm referring to Goofy.

  4. That is so nice!! But...didn't Minnie show up as well? That's rather a shame...