Ze Poodle

I love Balloon Animals. I was never given one during my childhood by a clown, or anyone at all.

So I grew up feeling fascinated by them.

Here's a little yellow poodle oh so cute.

getting sweatier
yea ignore the horrendous hair, it was a super humid super hot day and my hair... just.. went... bla~

Anyway I'm not going to talk about Balloon Animals in this post. Ha! Got you!

Actually I just wanted to highlight that this cutsy reminded me of something...

something... very... naugthy.

Tee hee...

poodle balloon

Do you have any idea?

Take a guess!

It reminded me of this!
The famous Durex commercials of blow-up condom animals!

If you've never watched it before, omg where have you been?! jk faster watch it watch it watch it!!!

So I made the clown made me another poodle so I could do this.


Is it too late to say 18SX *censored* ???

*do cheeky face*


2 kissed Nicole

  1. hey!i'm a clown in penang and i would have given u all the animal balloons u would ever want! haha. the commercial is hilarious!(btw the dog given to u is kinda outta shape but its the tot that counts ;)