Amy Winehouse Dead at 27

It came as such a shocking news when I first heard about the talented Amy Winehouse was found dead at her London flat, aged 27.

Amy Winehouse New Album

Yet it didn't came as too much of a surprise as the artist herself has a long history of drug and drink abuse, as well as a penchant for bad relationship.

What shook me a little was the fact that she was so young, my age to be exact, and so much more talent to show to the world. I don't know a lot of notable artists in the past that has on before the age of 30. With only 9 years in the industry, she has produced some of the most inspiring songs such as Rehab.

When I looked at her photos, and seeing through those heavily kohl-ed eye make ups, she's really a natural beauty with a very, extremely, troubled soul.


You can find more about the news of her death here.



3 kissed Nicole

  1. I initially thought the news was a crude joke :( There is a "Club 27" for ppl who died at that age. Many amazingly talented souls demised at that age, like Kurt Cobain and many other stars.

  2. it was a shock to me as well. But then... its like...anytime we're expecting something bad would happen. =/