Stark Aromatic Beer

my and my henna

Internet has been pretty shitty this past few days, the explains the little hiatus I'm having.

Well news was I went drinking last night, which was a first in many many many many nights. In fact, it's been so long I couldn't even remember the last drop of alcohol I had.

I went to this bar/restaurant called Overtime and found a decadent aromatic draught beer they served called Stark Beer. I love it, it tasted superb when served extremely cold. YUM.

But like most nights where I had alcohol, I tend to wake up REALLY, like exceptionally, early the following day.

Like now. :(
(Woke up exactly an hour before this was posted).

Exception to this one time, when I got really trashed and woke up noon the next day not remembering most of the events that took place the night before. Read here.

Not fun. :((

Argh! Where have I gone to last night because I've been bitten by a million mozzies/bed bugs.
Huge bite marks all spotted all over my legs and I have to resist with all my will not to scratch it.
Which fail miserably.

Anyway I'm so happy the weekend is coming, the past few weekends have been a little lonely and dead. But today I'm heading over to the Home Deco Expo to scout for my dream sofa. Alongside with my dream working+make-up table, and dream lightings.

All has got to be L-shapes, except the lightings. They're so convenient and so spacious you know - L-shape furnitures.

And it has to be massive, I don't care if my place is small. I want big furnitures, like a big king size bed in a tiny room. If king size beds and bed frames aren't so expensive to begin with, I would have gotten one myself to sleep in eons ago.

Well not the best time to start. Considering I will be dead broke soon. Not that I'm not broke enough now with all the shopping sprees I have been doing. Poo~.

Thank the lord I didn't go ahead and spend a further RM1600 on a pair of discounted Jimmy Choo at a warehouse sale, else I would have been slitting my wrist by now.

Okay, have to go check out this bunch of burnt DVDs from a friend last night full of Korean dramas and etc.

Enough updates for now.



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