(Victoria's Secret) Sunny Yellow Tube Dress

So this was the dress I wore to the concert of Incubus.

victoria secret yellow sundress 3
yellow tube sundress

I'll slowly build the look into the complete outfit you've seen in my previous post.

But let me talk about this dress.

victoria secret yellow sundress 4

I ordered a few items from Victoria's Secret Online store and they came in a parcel in just two weeks time. I was super excited to try them on.

Concerts can be sweaty and crowded and one needs an outfit that allows you to breathe.

Despite being a rock concert, I wasn't in the mood for a edgy style so I opted something sweeter. A bright yellow sundress it was.

victoria secret yellow sundress 2

It's breezy, casual, cute, sweet and loud.

victoria secret yellow sundress

I love the cutting of this dress, most tube dress can be really unflattering on me, but this made me look skinny, accentuating my waist and puffing out my chest, AND hiding my heavy bottom.

victoria secret yellow sundress side profile

And knowing that I would be attending a pre-cocktail event (more like pre-beer event), where there would be airconditioning, and it was the night, means the air could get a little chilly on the way there and back home; I decided to throw on an army jacket, from Victoria's Secret too.

victoria secret yellow sundress & army jacket

It also helped made the look a bit edgier than just plain sweetness.

victoria secret yellow sundress & jacket


Some necklaces.

and some gladiator sandals.

also sandals

And done!

concert outfit
too hot at that moment to wear the jacket. Feel free to use your imagination.

Tube Sundress: Victoria's Secret
Army Jacket: Victoria's Secret
Gladiator Sandals: Aldo
Necklaces: from Bangkok, bought at different visits.
Print Tote: reef
Bra: La Senza


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow...so those are really called gladiator sandals?? Now that makes sense...they make me think of gladiator every time I see them :P